Digital Marketing: Flowing with the Newest Trend 2020

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

With the rapidly changing technologies in the world, people have noticed a vast modification or modernization of techs, including the onset of mobile technology. Nearly all mobile users of the world are also internet users. In this modification, marketing strategists have also developed themselves to connect to the target audience at the correct time in the correct place with the correct information. This has randomly changed the marketing medium from offline to online in due course.

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

Before you get to learn about Digital Marketing, you should know about the word Marketing – it’s all about connecting to the right audience at the right time. From the old days, companies used several marketing strategies to connect to their customers through displaying their products and services in several TV channels, running advertisements in radio channels, through direct marketing campaigns, network marketing, etc. But these all were possible for the highly capitalized sectors of the business, as these mediums of marketing incur lots of expenses. Very small or medium scale businesses could have hardly thought of running the marketing campaign to reach their customers. But, with the advent of the mobile era and the advancement of internet technology – it allowed all the sections to display their products and services to the customers.


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing means any form of marketing strategy that is applied using the digital platform. To make it more simple, Digital Marketing is the marketing of a product or a service using electronic media such as mobile, tablet & computer displaying information using digital platforms like social media, e-mails, web portals, mobile applications, messaging, etc. Previously, when the companies used to publish advertisements on different TV channels, it was a single way to connect with their audience, whereas now it’s very easy to connect to the people at any place and engage with them at any time. As per one of the recent studies published on, approximately 90% of the smartphone users check for online reviews even before going to a good restaurant for lunch or dinner. The digital marketers use multiple technologies and channels which help them to analyze their strategies from time to time on what they should change or modify to connect to more audience, what’s working right for them, what to exclude, then run the marketing campaign to increase the conversion rates. At the end of the day, the sale of the product or service is the main target for marketing.

How does Digital Marketing work?

Though it looks elementary to hear about Digital Marketing, in a true perspective, it’s not such an easy thing to do. You have to perfect in all channels of digital marketing mediums to achieve the target or to get the desired conversion rate. Let’s take an example of Mr. John, who runs a small retail ladies garment business in his town. He has been running the business for many years, and the business grew up with his long effort. As the digital platform is increasing day to day, he noticed that his offline sales have decreased in the last few years or so. He planned to go online, keeping his offline segment intact. As he was a novice, he opted for a digital marketing agency, which could help him to grow digitally. Here are a few things that the marketing agency advised him to do to boost his revenue:

  1. Setting the goal for the first 6 months:

This is very important because, in the digital world, everything changes very rapidly and in a short time, so you should have short term goals (nothing unethical) so that you can make the strategies and plan your future moves.

  1. Listing the business in the Google Business page:

This is the first move towards the digital world, as by this your business will come to notice in the Google search.

  1. Making business pages in social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Making business pages in social media is one of the most important digital marketing techniques. The social media page can describe your nature of the business, the scale of business, and the service provided; you can connect to several people all around the world, engaging them displaying the products and services you offer on time to time basis. Here the customers will engage, comment, and even review the products and the service, which will eventually help you to understand the customer’s mentality, what they are looking for.

  1. The building of a website

This is another important step to go digital. By creating a website, you can mark your presence in the digital market.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This helps to build up the search results of your products and services offered on the web. This will help you to get more and more visitors to your website.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

This is the advertisement that you have to run in the search pages so that the persons looking for the products on the web get to see your website and visit.

Content Marketing

This is the way of marketing to connect to your targeted groups or customers through blog posting. This connects the people interested in the same topic. It gets to indulge in conversations, and it’s a good medium of conversion.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

This is the advertisement posted on the social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can boost your post scheduling to the targeted area, specific time zone, etc., to attract specific customers.

E-mail Marketing

This process has developed increasingly as you can send the information, offers, special products in stock, etc. to your targeted groups of customers at one time. If you use the professional and the paid service of this, then you can also track the data of the engagement of the customers.

Apart from these, there are also many more like affiliate marketing, referral marketing, cross-marketing, by which you can increase your sales conversion. If you also opt to build your digital presence, you can contact our Digital Marketing Agency!

  1. Voice Search

The use of voice orders to start a look is a component that is starting to be utilized by all audiences as it makes the undertaking of finding what they are searching for simpler.

It empowers a lot quicker pursuit process.

It leaves the tedious errand of composing long pursuits on cell phones that outcome in not having the option to see the whole inquiry question.

The utilization of voice looks has exponentially expanded in the previous barely any months hence, making it a significant factor that can build the likely number of shoppers finding your product.

  1. Machine Learning

Machine Learning has picked up fame in the course of the most recent couple of years as a brilliant method to plan and mechanize promoting endeavors. Advertisers can gather all the information on the planet, yet in the event that they don’t utilize it for their potential benefit, it’s all useless.

By breaking down execution measurements through both authentic and constant reports, audiences calculations course-right advertising techniques. Computerized advertisers are utilizing Machine Learning to improve SEO, PPC battles, and even refine content showcasing procedures. In the long run, Machine Learning may affect the manner in which we recount stories as calculations make proposals on how we contact our audiences.

  1. Conversational Chatbots

In case you can’t bolster every minute of everyday support, chatbots are an incredible method to expand client care hours and give a superior encounter to your clients. Chatbots are more wise and natural than any other time in recent memory, and a proficient method to address basic client assistance questions. They are anything but difficult to set up, simple to program, and above all, simple to change on the fly.

While many considered chatbots popular when presented a couple of years prior, more associations than any other time in recent memory depend on chatbots to separate their client experience and offer consistent help to their clients.

  1. Augmented Reality as a Marketing Tool

Augmented reality (AR) isn’t only for video games any longer. Virtual-generated reality and expanded the truth are rapidly changing the manners in which brands associate with their buyers.

Numerous associations are utilizing AR with their social-based life stages to engage with customers. Retailers are utilizing it for virtual fitting rooms. Home improvement organizations use AR for inside design arranging. Discover the point that accommodates your brand and use it. Other than making individuals talk about your business, it gives you one greater chance to gather information and get your message before a more extensive audience.

  1. The Insta-Celebrity and the “Influencer”

The verbal exchange has consistently been an incredible method to advertise. Buyers to a great extent trust their companions. The “Influencer” trend makes that a stride further.

Lead others by model by utilizing famous individuals with alluring qualities or aptitudes. Influencers give them products or services that they should attempt.

These expert publicists do their product pushing coolly. They exhibit how products and services are helping them carry on with the marvelous lives they flaunt via web-based networking media.

This impacts purchasers to need these products and services them.

  1. Video Marketing

It’s turning into the standard for advertisers to utilize video in their limited time endeavors. Inserting a video in an email can make a wonderful increment in the active clicking factor. Utilizing video furnishes clients with another level of lucidity, and it additionally adds a human touch to your message.

The best part is that shooting video isn’t as costly as you’d suspect – by and large, you can make top-notch content utilizing a cell phone. You can add change focuses to your recordings, such as requesting that the client enter their email to keep viewing. Use the investigation to figure out where watchers are found and where they drop off.

It’s ideal to keep your videos succinct and concentrate on one thought. Step by step instructions to videos is well-known decisions, as they’re exceptionally shareable across web based life stages. Build up clear content that talks straightforwardly to your intended interest group and encourages them to take care of a particular issue.

Video is one of the quickest developing showcasing channels today. Done right, video is a compelling, vital approach to support brand impressions. The familiar maxim that words generally can’t do a picture justice despite everything sounds accurate today. Consider utilizing video for item how-to’s, your FAQ, and even short product review videos. Base your video content on your story—not around selling. Try not to be reluctant to have a comical inclination, either. The videos that circulate around the web aren’t dry, exhausting showcasing content. Get your imaginative energies pumping?

TIP #1: remember to interface back to your site in your video to drive traffic and produce leads.

TIP #2: video is a reasonable and connecting approach to change over visitors.


So, to conclude – it is quite clear that Digital Marketing is taking over traditional advertising campaigns. This is just because Facebook and Google generate more revenue than the other traditional media, and Facebook and Google get more eyes on them. And to build your digital presence, you should be very clear to implement all the channels of digital marketing such as SEO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, so that you can get a real benefit out of it. Day by day, the internet users are growing, and all the sectors are coming digitally as it’s the easiest way to find the target audience. It can be the retail sector, communication sector, banking sector, public sector, sports sector, SME, and others. All need to connect to their customers, reach out with their exclusive offers, limited period offers, engage the customers, and build up their conversion rate. Digital platforms will generally grow bigger and bigger and Digital Marketing will be the stand-out mode of the campaign in the coming days.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.