Overview of Moonshot Jr. STEM Program for Kids

Giving kids the tools they need to succeed in the future is a concern for most parents. They want to make sure kids are pursuing their passion and also setting themselves up to find a good career. Moonshot Jr. created a program for kids to learn all about STEAM and enhance their entrepreneurship skills. If you’re looking for a new challenge for your child and this sound like something they’d be interested in, we’ll do an overview of the program.


What Moonshot Jr teaches

One thing to know right away is that this program is designed for kids 7-17. This covers almost every step of development. They can also stay in it as they age and continue to learn. As mentioned earlier, Moonshot Jr teaches kids about entrepreneurship and gives them a complete overview of the product development process. Through this program, kids will learn to think of an idea and launch it through various e-commerce and crowdfunding platforms. In today’s world, these skills are essential to a ton of careers, especially in the tech industry.

The skills that your kids will learn in the Moonshot Jr program:

  • Arduino – Get an overview of coding with Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi – Get the basics of how Raspberry Pi works to create projects
  • Digital marketing – Learn the major platforms and how to execute a digital marketing plan
  • E-commerce – Learn how to sell products online and raise money

The programs

Moonshot Jr has a variety of tiers, depending on the level of involvement you need. The higher you go in monthly options, the more information you get and more hours of content you have access to.

Some general things you get with each tier:

  • Glider: 3+ expert hours, 4+ hours of assignments, unlimited access to video library, 4+ hours of e-learning videos, a completed Moonshot, and more.
  • Jet: 6+ expert hours, 8+ hours of e-learning videos, 8+ hours of assignments, and everything from the first tier.
  • Rocket: Rocket is the most advanced of the options which gives you a total of 43+ hours combined of learning.
  • Custom: They can come up with a custom plan depending on what you need.

What you can do with your membership:

  • Pick a fee that suits you
  • Different ways to learn
  • Learn at your own pace and in your own time
  • Customize your learning depending on what you need to know

Through the various four stages, your child will get a full grasp of how to develop and launch a product from start to finish. With so many kids stuck at home to learn these days, now is the perfect time to jump on this opportunity!

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