Do you need a Thunder Buddy?

There are certain perks to being an adult that we sometimes take for granted; you can learn how to drive, you can play slots all day, there’s a bunch of stuff you can do now that you couldn’t when you were a kid. But there are some downsides too, like having to deal with scary stuff all by yourself. Taxes are pretty terrifying, but we’re talking more the deep down, primal fears that you might have left over from when you were a kid. Well, there’s only one thing you can do when confronted with these natural horrors and that’s find yourself a Thunder Buddy. That special stuffed animal that you hide with under the covers and keeps you safe from the rumble of thunder, the boogeyman in the closet and having to accept you’re actually getting older. But the real question is have you outgrown your Thunder Buddy or do you still need that stuffed friend to keep you safe from the rumble of the storm. Rather than some deep soul searching, just take this quiz!

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