Dragon Blogger Review of Heroes Season 4 Redemption – Episode 13 & 14

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NBC Heroes started off the new year with strong opening double episodes, Episode 13 – Upon This Rock and Episode 14 – Let It Bleed both highlighted the aftermath of Nathan Petrelli and further went into the complex and ever calculating Samuel. Samuel is a character who becomes more interesting each week as he not only furthers his own goals to gain more powers by collecting more people with abilities around him, but also has some sense of care and justice and actually has a lost love named Vanessa whom he is afraid to meet but desires to be with her.

Claire meanwhile is once again at odds with her father for concealing the fact that Noah, Angela and Matt purged Sylar’s mind from his body in order to try and keep Nathan alive. This would be an expected reaction, but Nathan himself is rapidly going back to his old ways as a Company man on his quest to find the carnival and stop Samuel. His torture of Edgar to get information in the second episode followed by his desire to re-integrate and hide the Heroes shows that he is not paying attention to what the people want.

Peter is so blinded by hurt and pain of losing his brother that he is endangering himself and relying on taking Claire’s abilities to heal. The Haitian had the ability to be “invisible” by making people not remember he was around, I wonder why he didn’t use this part of the power to sneak up on the disgruntled employee and take him out.

Meanwhile, Hiro’s brains are scrambled in that he has can communicate but only in convoluted riddles and clues that Ando slowly starts to figure out. Hopefully Hiro can be restored and healed in the near future, he is still one of my favorite characters in the show. His nobility, and heroism are contagious and I would like to see him win more battles and save more people.

The real story however is that the Sylar and Samuel showdown happened, but was such a brief and disappointing battle. Sylar somehow lost his nerve or ability to kill, which prevented Sylar from killing Samuel on site. Samuel took advantage of this and used his increased powers to create a mini sand whirlwind that literally tore the flesh and muscle apart from Sylar’s body. It was a powerful ability, but Sylar regenerated and recovered, only to find Lydia trying to seduce him. Sylar did confirm that he still has the ability to acquire other peoples abilities through empathy without having to kill, in his own words he just “killed for fun”, and was able to take Lydia’s ability without harming her.

Sylar continues to prove to be the most frustrating character on the show, he has so much power but is constantly underestimating the situation and he is foiled again and again. He never seems to realize to be more cautious, study a situation from afar before striking. His overconfidence is his weakness, but he doesn’t learn from his mistakes. Also, because he is so powerful the writers keep having to develop new handicaps to prevent him from literally just destroying everyone and ending all plots and story lines quickly. So really he is too powerful to really be much use for the show, since they are having to constantly either make him ignorant and keep getting thwarted, or they have to keep handicapping him mentally or ability wise for a variety of reasons to keep it interesting.

I did enjoy the episodes, but I would have liked to see a better showdown between Sylar and Samuel. What do my readers think about the episodes?

-Dragon Blogger

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.