Dragon Blogger Review of Heroes Season 4 Redemption – Episode 10

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This post contains spoilers from the episode, it is recommended that you have watched Heroes Redemption Episode 10 before reading.  If you don’t mind finding out what happened in the episode, then by all means read away and I welcome all comments and opinions about the show and the episode.

nathan1Heroes Season 4 Episode 10 – Brothers Keeper was one of the best episodes so far of the Season, we find Peter and Nathan (Sylar’s Body) working together to find out what is going on only to be led to Matt Parkman where a brief brush of the hand is all it took for Sylar to re-inhabit his original body.  This is going to set the stage for another deadly showdown with Sylar probably going for revenge against everyone who was involved in this plot to purge him from his own body.

We learn more about Samuel and that his power grows exponentially based on the number of people with abilities within his area, his power grows as he collects and adds more people to the carnival.  We also see how he killed Mohinder in the past and learn how deadly his ability to manipulate earth and stone really is.  Hiro however manages to throw a wrench by saving Mohinders life and hiding him from Samuel, meanwhile he knows he must stop Samuel but can’t until he gets Charlie back first.

This episode was very fresh and I enjoyed how they tied Samuel back to Coyote Sands, one thing I really like about the show is how they keep referring to events and things in past seasons, it makes the whole show feel fluid and you really have to be  a fan and watch every episode to “get it” when they reference things from past episodes and seasons.  This of course makes it a bit harder for the show to grow to a larger audience because it requires people to have been fans early on to truly understand what is going on.  So the truly devoted are rewarded, but the casual watchers are unfortunately left a little confused which is a shame.

The fact that Hiro saved Mohinder by putting a vest on him was brilliant and shows that Hiro is much more capable in the future than he was in past seasons, the one odd thing is he seems to be able to use his ability with less side effects than earlier this season.  I still hope that Peter or somebody can heal him so his brain tumor doesn’t kill him.

Tracy and Claire meeting up only to discuss how they don’t fit in and Tracy loses control over her powers was a very minor part of the show, it was cool when she froze Claire and her foot broke off, only to have her foot regenerate and her broken foot be like a paperweight on the table, but clearly Tracy is being coerced and tricked by Samuel to perform some sort of function or service.

We also meet Samuel’s brother who knew what Samuel would be capable of and has been his “Brothers Keeper” since Coyote Sands, at first I though the episode pertained to Matt and Peter, but it clearly referred to Samuel and his brother.  We already know that Samuel had a hand in his brothers death and he becomes more emotionally unstable and dangerous as he continues his quest to find out how he can acquire more abilities.  The odd thing is, even though he hasn’t seen the tape he still adds people with abilities to his Carnival.  Wouldn’t he have figured out that he is more powerful than he was a few years earlier just by more people being added to the Carnival?

The next episode shows us Hiro and Lydia scheming against Samuel and Nathan, Peter and Momma Petrelli sitting down which can’t lead to anything good.  We all know a showdown is coming, so my question for you Heroes fans is now that we know Samuel’s powers grow with more “specials” around him and mention of him becoming the strongers, who do you think will be outmatched when the showdown comes?  Take the Samuel vs Sylar poll.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.