Dragon Blogger Review of Heroes Season 4 Redemption – Episode 9

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This review is for readers who have either seen the show or don’t mind reading about what happens in the show, this review talks about events that happened in the show and would be a spoiler to someone who hasn’t watched the episode.

Shadowboxing is the episode that shows you what Matt Parkman is made of, and that he is noble and willing to sacrifice himself to stop Sylar from exacting revenge and murder on the masses should he regain his body. It is also the episode where you see Noah regain a little bit of his former self when he worked for the company, coming to Claire’s aid to help clean up the mess with the Becky situation.

We learn why Becky hated Claire and more specifically HRG and her lust for revenge, Samuel meanwhile continues to open himself up and reveals himself to both Claire and Noah in an unexpected way. He plays the victim quite well showing fear at Noah and claiming his family were trying to stay hidden from Noah, meanwhile there is a cunning plan set in motion behind his outward docile appearance with Noah.

Meanwhile the Sylar body shell which has Nathan’s imprint wakes up and is shapechanged as Nathan himself, flying away to find Peter and figure out what is happening to himself. I was left wondering what happened to Hiro, eager to find out what has become of his last trip to the past, but the show makes us wait until next episode to see the outcome of that part of the story.

It was great to see the Haitian come back in the episode and he continues to be an enigma and one of the most powerful people with abilities, the fact that he can null any other hero and erase memories and even identity makes him probably the only person who can slow down or stop Sylar should he regain his real body again. It was a little disappointing to see Gretchen wig out and abandon Claire but it was understandable given the fact that she is a “regular” person and her life was in danger, most people would not be able to handle the stress of that type of situation.

Peter meanwhile was able to use his picked up ability to heal people and help reduce the number of fatalities from a major accident, though he is drained and his power seems to need to recharge after each use, he does the best he can with the ability. I really thought that while Emma was playing the piano, Peter would see the sound as light and be able to pick up additional abilities via his empathy, but it didn’t happen….yet.

All of this left for an episode that I thought was truly exception, it was a fantastic touch to have Matt/Sylar end up in the same restaurant where Sylar “almost killed” Charlie three years earlier, the fact that he remembered he almost killed a waitress there was a nice touch to show that history has been partially rewritten.

TV.com has this show rated at a 9.8 with 21 votes so far which again is the highest rating so far this season, the episodes just keep coming better and we all want to see an eventual showdown between Sylar and the carnival in the end. Some things remain unsettled though, it would appear that Lydia and Edgar are planning some sort of mutany behind the scenes of Samuel and there should be more to what is going on there.

Also, I love the Sylar character and Zachary Quinto does such a good job playing two versions of Sylar in each episode, but this needs to be the last season for Sylar. Either he comes to a dramatic and permanent end this season, or he goes “away” into some sort of hiding or remission and takes a haitus only coming back as a partial role once and a while. His character and plot has dominated the show for four seasons now, and the show needs to spend more time with new characters.

Again, not that I don’t love the Sylar character, but it is going to be too redundant if the Heroes all band together to stop him “again” only for him to be almost dead “again”. They need to not let this happen when they somehow resolve Sylar’s storyline this season.

That is my review of Shadowboxing, what did my readers think of the episode? Wasn’t it was brilliant scene when Matt caused Sylar to slowly pull his hand from his jacket only to be shot by the police, was an ultimate FU to Sylar as he honorably terminated himself. By the way, who saw that Peter heals Matt in the next episode only to find out that because of Peter, Sylar will be brought face to face with Matt Parkman and his own full personality.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.