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I went into the fourth and “final” version of Shrek figuring it would be difficult for the animators to come up with a clever storyline that is as engaging and fun as the previous installments.  I was pleasantly surprised at how familiar everything felt and yet with added new twists that made it no less fun to see how each character was a little “altered” in the reality that Shrek wished upon himself after being tricked by Rumpelstiltskin.

The movie parallels most parents lives early on in how raising children day after day can lead to a blur and routine that repeats again and again. Shrek begins to wear of the family life where his is constantly on display and compared to a “former ogre” based on his domesticated responsibility. A parody of a single person getting married and settling down with a family the message itself is clear and loud as a bell, showing that people don’t realize what they have until they have lost it. Glory days aren’t so glory anymore for Shrek after making his deal with Rumpelstiltskin whose character is well known and everyone stays clear of “except” Shrek who is so tired of his life he succumbs to trying one day as his former self.

Shrek Forever After humorously puts twists on Donkey, Fiona and especially Puss N’ Boots who has let himself go after retirement (too say the least). The humor between Shrek and Donkey and Donkey and Puss are fully intact and just as funny as previous movies. The romance and story between Shrek and Fiona is fun to watch and is as easily as enjoyable as the first film in my opinion. I have seen very mixed reviews of the Shrek Forever After movie and some reviewers give it high marks while others bomb the movie for lack of originality and rehashing some of the same jokes.

Some of my favorite scenes involved Gingie as a gladiator against animal crackers, the meeting between Donkey and Puss for the first time in the alternate reality and the Pied Piper and his magic flute.

Shrek Forever After was a fun movie for my whole family and we all had a good time. Note: We did not see the movie in 3D as there is not a 3D theater within 50 miles of my house. I have not actually seen any movies in 3D yet due to the proximity of theaters, so I can’t say if the 3D in Shrek Forever After was any good.

Dragon Blogger gives Shrek Forever After three and a half out of five stars.

-Dragon Blogger

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Justin Germino
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