Dragon Blogger Review of The Time Travelers Wife

The Time Travelers wife is what many would call a chick flick, and I am one of the rare guys who enjoys a romance movie as much as any other movie every now and again. This movie exceeded my expectations and being the fact that I did not read the novel I had no idea what I was in for.

The movie follows the lives of Henry DeTamble (played by Eric Bana) who discovers as a child that he vanishes and appears in random places and periods of time from the past to the future. The movie only barely shows the childhood version of Henry and you gather that his older self has been educating and trying to look out for his younger version pretty early in the film.

In comes Clare Abshire (played by Rachel McAdams) who meets Henry in present day and declares she has known him her entire life. As the movie and story plays out you learn how Henry has been visiting Clare since she was a girl and she has been in love with him since her childhood. The movie handles the random disappearances, frustrations and romances of how such a relationship can exist admirably considering how much fiction the concept really is.

The movie takes an ominous turn toward the middle and grows ever more dark, sad and by the ending I actually had a few tears streaming from my eyes when my wife looked over at me and called me a “Puss”.

I swear this was one of the best chick flicks I have seen and the sci-fi element and curiosity kept me engaged throughout the film. I did my best to review it without revealing any spoilers, but there were some interesting parts of the film related to Henry’s time travel and genetics and decisions he made that affected his family and life.

Dragon Blogger gives this film 4 out of 5 stars and if you have a spouse or partner, curl up together on the couch for this one. I was busy giving my wife a massage the entire length of the film.

-Dragon Blogger

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