Dragoncast Episode 12: The Xbox Reveal and Discussion about Next-Gen Consoles

It’s time once again for another awesome episode of The Dragoncast. On this weeks episode Brian, Bryce and Victor discuss the Microsoft Xbox press conference regarding their newest console, the Xbox One. We also discuss the other new console from Sony the PlayStation 4 and give our own thoughts on the next generation of video gaming.

All of us here at The Dragoncast would like to here from you, the listener, as we continue to do these shows we would love some input from you!

So please if you have any questions, comments or anything that you would like for us to showcase on our episodes please feel free to send an email out to either Brian (brian.alford@dragonblogger.com) or Bryce (bryce.posey@dragonblogger.com). We also would like to feature any fan art that you would like to send in. It can be anything nerd related such as video games, comic books or tech related art that we will feature right here on these articles. We will post a few of our favorites right here on this article so be sure to send those in and we will feature it as well as give credit to you!

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