DragonCast Episode #16: We’re Back!

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After a very long hiatus the Dragon Cast crew are back once again to bring to you some entertainment as well as conversations about things going on in the world of technology and entertainment.

On this episode Victor and Brian introduce the newest member of the DragonCast team, Iggy Castillo as he will bring his extensive tech knowledge, humor as well as charisma to the team. Also the crew each gives a bit of background information on themselves as well as how they came to be a member of Dragon Blogger as well as what the show is going to be all about.

Here at DragonCast we want to be able to provide those of you out there in the world of technology and entertainment a place to go to discuss your ideas as well as if you have a new product, video game coming out and etc. So if you are looking for an outlet to discuss your product please contact us as we would love to have you on the show!

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Dragon Blogger Special Note!

Justin here and I wanted to let my readers know since I haven’t been able to actually be part of the DragonCast recordings yet, that I truly appreciate the dedication and time Brian, Victor and now Iggy put into these and other efforts for the site.  We are devoted game, gadget and things tech and geek lovers here, all of us write articles, produce video, audio content for the love of the games, gadgets and gear.  On top of this all I work non-stop every week to network with new companies, contact previous ones to get more gadgets, games, software and cool stuff to giveaway to the fans so we can not only entertain and inform you guys, but reward you with a chance to enter to win some free stuff too.  If you are a fan of the site, I encourage you to check out the Patreon listed above, take a time and donate just $1 either per month, or just one time.  As mentioned you get tons of perks including exclusive giveaways just for Patreon fans, what this means is the first few to donate are likely to win more than their donation back in free stuff right off the bat!

I would like to personally thank Brian, Victor and Iggy for all the great work they do for the site and the years they put into helping me expand DragonBlogger, their personalities really shine in the work they do, especially in the video content they produce.  Say hi to the cast, comment, and if you got something to say or want them to give their opinions on something in the next DragonCast, let them know.

PS.  If you have a product, software, service, film, movie, web TV series, comic book, and you want to have it showcased either on the site or talked about in the podcast, let us know and we will contact you.  We want to help raise awareness especially for those in the arts and entertainment and gaming area.  There is no charge if you want to be a special guest and join the podcast just to help talk about your current or upcoming project, Kickstarter project, movie, comic, Indie game…etc  We welcome guests on the show anytime.

Keep in touch and remember to comment and share feedback,

-Justin (Dragon Blogger, the Ancient Red Dragon)


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.