Dragoncast Episode #18: Hobbits, Comics and Movies Oh My!!!

It’s time once again for another new episode of Dragon Cast as we welcome one of our new co-hosts, Kona, to our show. On this episode we talk about some of our favorite movies from 2014 as well as some movies that we are looking forward to next year. Also we discuss the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer that was finally released not to mention Kona watched the trailer right before the show started so gets to tell you her thoughts on the trailer first hand as well as our opinions on the new movie set to be released next December.

Speaking of Star Wars remember how we were supposed to have Jeremy Bulloch, or for what those of you know him better as playing Boba Fett, on our show a few months back. Well due to some very unfortunate technical difficulties we ended up not being able to provide that episode. However, fear not Star Wars fans! We have spoken to Jeremy and he is wanting to come back on again and do the show with us. We are really looking forward to having Jeremy on the podcast with us again and this time for you all to finally hear! More details will come once we find out for sure when but it should be sometime next month.

We hope you enjoy this all-new episode. We are working hard on our schedules to make sure we can provide as many episodes as possible. In the new year we hope to provide more entertainment and some humor as well as some guests on our show. If you or someone you know is in the entertainment or tech industry and they would like to talk about their upcoming projects or new products please let them know or if you yourself have any we would love to have you on our show! We want to use this show as a platform for those of you who need to get your projects and/or products out their so if you would like to be a guest on our show please send an email over to brian.alford@dragonblogger.com and we will set up a time to have you on.

Listen to the Dragoncast Here!

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