Getting Postbox to Work with High Resolution Displays on Windows

So very recently I received the new Razer Blade laptop as a Christmas gift, and yes I am one lucky son of a gun who has an AWESOME wife for getting me this amazing present.  One thing about this 14″ laptop is that it has a 3800×1800 display which is super fine resolution for a 14″ screen, the one thing I didn’t anticipate was that some software actually won’t adjust or look proper on the 3800×1800 resolution screen being so small as to have the GUI be non-functional or menu items being so crushed they overlap each other.  One such application that has trouble with high resolution displays is Postbox which I use for my mail client.

However, there is a work around that isn’t perfect but at least makes it passable.  To work around the issue you need to modify your Postbox config editor a bit.

  • Go into your Tools > Options > Click on Advanced Button

  • Then click on Config Editor and accept the warning, don’t worry if you break anything you can always re-install Postbox.

  • Search for devpixel and you will find the layout.css.devPixelsPerPx parameter which has a default of 1.0

You can adjust this up as needed until you get a value that works, start with doing 1.2 and then to 1.5 which is the highest that Postbox recommends you go to.  On the 3800×1800 resolution monitor 1.5 worked fine, I did not need to try going higher though since Postbox mentions you could have UI issues with going above 1.5 I would say stay at this number or lower and see if it works for you.

With 4K displays becoming more commonplace I think Postbox needs to put an update in to accommodate high resolution displays sooner rather than later, but for now this is a passable workaround.  If your curious, the new Razer Blade is fantastic and an incredible gaming laptop!



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