The Dragoncast Episode 6: Discussing Batman Far Cry 3 and More”

In this weeks episode of The Dragoncast the guys discuss Batman and since the new Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy has been released Brian, Bryce and Andrew talk about each of the films (WARNING there are some movie spoilers!) and even rate them from best to worst, but let’s be honest here all of the movies were great…right? Also Andrew and Brian give a review of the newly released game in the Far Cry series “Far Cry 3” so for those who are a bit weary about this newest entry in the series be sure to check out this review.

Also we announce some upcoming podcast episodes. Be on the lookout for a very awesome podcast coming the last week of December where we give our opinion of some of the best games we have played in 2012 as well as our personal picks for Game of the Year.

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions or any other random thoughts about the show please feel free to leave these in the comments section below.

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