The Dragoncast Episode 9: Video Game Over?

It’s a new week and a new episode of The Dragoncast. This week we are joined by one of Dragon Blogger’s very own writers, Victor Salazar once again as we discuss the current fall of video game company THQ . We give our opinion on what current video game companies need to do in order to survive in this poor economy and how games need to stop being more of the same.

Also we discuss why you, the listener, should partner up with Dragon Blogger. Our site here is amazing and we are always striving to help people push their products to the next level. Our very own Mitra Faridian has come up with an excellent video to showcase just what we here at Dragon Blogger are all about. So if you are asking yourself why you should partner up with us here at Dragon Blogger come and see our video.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, thoughts or anything else you would like to share with us here at The Dragoncast. Please feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below. We would really love to hear some feedback from those of you who have been listening to us over these past four months as it really helps us improve our show.

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