Dragon Touch I10X Windows Tablet Giveaway

This is the current flagship tablet from Tablet Express, the  mighty Dragon Touch I10X Windows Tablet which is a tablet that is capable of being a replacement for many low end laptops.  If you were on the fence between a Chromebook, Tablet and wanted one device that can do it all plus have the convenience of full Windows 8.1, then the Dragon Touch i10X is the perfect tablet for you.

The Dragon Touch i10X is a Windows 8.1 tablet that comes with 2GB RAM and 64GB storage which is perfect, you don’t have to worry about storage issues as much as you would with 16GB or 32GB Windows tablets.  It also still supports a MicroSD card slot so go ahead and throw in another 64GB or 128GB MicroSD card and you get a 2nd drive that you can install applications, games or put your files on.  The Windows App store itself still doesn’t play well with using a 2nd storage device, however for desktop applications (like Office 365 and others) the SD card is no different than installing applications to a 2nd hard drive for install and run purposes.

The 10.1 Display is at 1280×800 which is perfectly acceptable even if not 1080p, the size of the tablet and the resolution make it ideal for running business applications like the free 1 year Office 365 that is included!  It also has Bluetooth 4.0, Mini HDMI, MicroUSB and Front and Rear Cameras.

Best of all you get the detachable Bluetooth Keyboard Case with it without having to deal with that MicroUSB port being tied up by a keyboard case.

Enter for your chance to win the Dragon Touch I10X Windows Tablet

Dragon Touch i10X Windows Tablet Giveaway

There are many entry options for this giveaway, the way to get the most entries and increase your odds of winning are to use the Viral Refer a Friend, the more people who enter the more entries you get.  There is also the “write a blog post” entry method, this is an instant 10 entries for writing a blog post on one of the free online blogging platforms or your own blogging platform.  Feel free to just use Tumblr, BlogSpot, WordPress.com or any other if you don’t normally blog, anyone can do this entry and it is optional not required.  Make sure you also take the time to like/comment and follow Tablet Express they have been excellent partners to us and continue to give tablets to our readers so much sure you show your appreciation.

Note:  Shipping is free to U.S. only, if you live outside of U.S. you will be responsible for shipping costs, or have to have the product shipped to U.S. address.

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