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The Gem Generator


This generator created to give great clarity, detail and value to all the different types of gems found in a D&D game.
This generator has a lot of information compiled from the Magica Encyclopedia Vol II, but there also is a lot of field research and custom info.

Though this was originally designed while playing the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 System this actually has no RPG specific in it, so you could use this generator with any D20 or RPG system as long as copper, silver, gold, and platinum were the currency or you would just have to update the spreadsheet currency names to match your own RPG platform.

Here is video on how to use and about the generator:


How to Use:

  • Click on the Generator Tab
  • Enter the # of Gems you wish to generate (1-20)
  • Select the type of gems (Small, Moderate, Large, Random).
  • Voila.

It will calculate Type of Gem, Carat Weight, and Cut for you. In addition it calculates retail value of the gem.

Latest Update: Increased all gem sizes a little to reflect that there are no gems under 1ct anymore, also there is now many more random gem sizes.

Also increased amount of uncut gems (which can be cut for between 1-10x more value)

Click here > Gem Generator to download the spreadsheet, it is in Excel .xls format but is zipped.  None of my files have anything hidden, or embedded and include how to instructions in the excel spreadsheet.


This Generator was Created by Justin R. Germino

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