DVD Backup Software Giveaway: Part 2

We had a blast giving away 10 copies of BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate last month and BDLot wanted us to do it again for July!  For those who missed the first contest BDLot DVD Clone Ultimate is software which allows you to backup any DVD or Blu-Ray movie to your PC or clone it to another disc so that you can play the copy without worrying about damaging the original.

This is an ideal software for families with kids where kids can often scratch, drop or leave DVD’s damaged after just a few times touching them.


DVD Clone Ultimate Giveaway

All you need to do is simply leave a comment on why you want a copy of the BDLot DVD Clone Software and I will give a license copy away to the first 10 readers who want a copy.

What have you got to lose, backup all your DVD’s with a free Copy now!

-Dragon Blogger

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