EasyACC DP100 Bluetooth Speaker

My primary computer is a laptop. Due to the fact that I use the laptop primarily, having speakers that are tethered are really not an option. The EasyACC DP100 Bluetooth Speakers are the perfect solution to needing speakers and not being tethered down, while having phone abilities.

EasyACC DP100 BT Speaker

The EasyAcc DP100 Bluetooth Speaker came securely packed and I was impressed that they were able to pack so many items in such a small box. Securely packaged in the box was 1 – EasyAcc DP100 Bluetooth Speaker w/ a built in rechargeable lithium battery, 1 – charging cable, 1 – 3.5 mm Aux Cable, 1 – storage case and 1 – User Manual.

The charging time was quick, as it only took under 2 hours to charge, compared to the 3-4 hours the manual suggests. From this quick charge the playback time is a comfortable 15-20 hours and a 300 hour standby time, and a 8-10 hours of talk time. I would recommend to give it a full charge before the first use and it charges from a micro USB plug and will charge with any other micro USB cords.

Sound Quality and Pairing

The pairing was simple and easy, I had paired this to my smartphone within 30 seconds. The buttons are easy to access and responsive. This speaker is compatible with most Bluetooth enabled devices and once paired will automatically connect to the last device it was connected to.

The telephone portion was simple to use, and I only had to press the “play” button to answer the incoming call. The microphone on the speakers were clear and I was complimented about how clear I sounded, despite their being significant background noise. The microphone worked up to 15 feet away from the speaker.

EasyACC DP100 BT SpeakerEasyACC DP100 BT Speaker

These speakers sounded great at the highest volume. The one thing to note on this speaker is that when you want to turn the volume up hold the button down, otherwise it will simply advance the track or song. The speakers worked best when it was in line of sight of the source, and when there are no walls involved. When a wall was included there was breaking and crackle issues.

Overall, as a girl who likes her music on the loud side, these speakers sounded good and were clear sounding.

If you are looking for a small, affordable, clear sounding speaker I recommend the EasyACC DP100 Bluetooth Speaker.

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