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You can find some pretty good deals on accessories and other gadgets over at sites like Everbuying where they offer incentives like free Worldwide shipping to help further save you costs when purchasing something that you may have wanted but not pulled the trigger on previously.  In perusing some of the latest Top Xiaomi Brand Deals there are quite a few other products that stood out to me of interest that I will showcase in this article.

Xiaomi Mini Wi-Fi Camera

Back not just 11 years ago when I had my first child I had to use the traditional baby monitor which was nothing more than an active walkie talkie that lets you listen to your baby or toddler while they napped.  Now you can get Mini Wi-Fi cameras that give you 24×7 monitoring of a room or situation, such as watching a baby nap or even watching over your house while you may have a sitter and you need to check in once in a while.  These security camera’s give you piece of mind by letting you constantly check in whenever you want and this one is no exception.  Easy installation, cloud video support and two way audio and communication you can even speak to people in the room through the camera if you need to.

Learn more about the Xiaomi Mini Wi-Fi Camera and see the rest of the features and special currently available for it!

Xiaomi Quick Charge 10400mAh External Battery

All about simplicity, the Xiaomi Quick Charge 10400mAh External Battery stores 10,400mAh of power to give you enough talk time or usage time to keep your phone or tablet going for days.  If you travel you should have an external battery of some sort, and this one has the capacity to charge your phone and your tablet to keep you powered between having access to an A/C outlet.

Learn more about the Xiaomi Quick Charge 10400mAh External Battery and see the rest of the features and special currently available for it!


Original Xiaomi Fashionable Earbuds

These earbuds are advertised to be more fashionable and come in silver or gold color, they offer pretty good performance for the price too with a frequency range of 20 – 20000Hz and a sensitivity to 97 dB.  If you need a replacement pair of earbuds or just need a 2nd pair that you can keep in a travel bag, may want to check them out.

Learn more about the Xiaomi Fashionable Earbuds and see the rest of the features and special currently available for it!

Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Controller

A special note goes out about the Bluetooth Gamepad controller which is compatible with all Google Standard Interface devices and allows you to game more easily on your Android TV or other Android device hooked up to a TV.

Disclaimer:  Everbuying entered into a partnership with to help showcase some features/deals on their site in exchange for forms of compensation.  All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone.

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