EightPixelsSquare launches enormous update for Sniper Strike: Special Ops

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– SNIPER STRIKE: SPECIAL OPS, the AAA modern military FPS for Apple and Android devices, today receives an enormous update. Adding to what is already one of the most advanced mobile gaming experiences on the market today, the free-to-play update expands on both the single-player and multiplayer experience with the addition of the all new UNDEAD RISING!!! event and PVP Vehicle modes.

  • New Zombie event – UNDEAD RISING!!!
  • 12 missions, split between three different locations and four difficulty levels
  • Battle to escape the zombie horde, rescue civilians and support your Strike Force buddies who are battling the undead by your side
  • Win Kill Chips for every zombie killed
  • Collect and upgrade exclusive anti-zombie gear – including six all new weapons, five new loadout items (outfit pieces) and four perks!
  • New Vehicle PvP mode! Grab your Assault Rifle, jump in your vehicle and battle against real world opponents in hot pursuit through the streets of Baghdad!

In addition to the individual player bonuses available during the UNDEAD RISING!!! event, Sniper Strike’s community will also reap the rewards. Exclusive Gear and Perk cards, as well as premium currency and consumables, will be awarded to the Sniper Strike clans who top the leaderboard when the event finishes.

Sniper Strike: Special Ops Zombie Play

The higher your clan ranks, the more cards and the higher the rarity of cards the player will get. Everyone in the winning clan will receive the Legendary DEALERS CHOICE PvP vest. This provides amazing gear buffs for extra PvP trophies, plus unlocks an extra PvP Taunt emoji.

The update doesn’t stop there! Players old and new can now fulfill their action movie fantasies with Dual Wield Pistols and Custom Bullet Skins – double the fire power, double the cool factor. Show your opponent you mean business! In addition to all these major updates, Sniper Strike will also receive a number of quality of life updates:

  • Troll or praise your enemies with exclusive new Emoji Taunts!
  • Improved perk and buff usage user interface
  • Get awesome weapons and gear from the new Supply Chests system
  • Multiple bug fixes

“Our aim with SNIPER STRIKE: SPECIAL OPS has always been to bring the cinematic experience to mobile gamers,” said Hugh Binns, co-founder of EightPixelsSquare, “and the core gaming audience have really supported us in delivering on that so we’re thrilled to launch this new update today and cannot wait to see how they react to the all-new UNDEAD RISING!!! and PvP vehicle modes”

Available on: Apple App StoreGoogle Play

RRP: Free-to-Play

Developer: EightPixelsSquare

Publisher: EightPixelsSquare

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.