Enter to Win a Bestek Smart Plug for Home Automation

Start your home automation journey or expand it with the Bestek Smart Plug, this little device plugs into an A/C Wall outlet port and gives you a smart outlet that you can control remotely with a mobile app (Bestek Mobile App) or by using a Voice Assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant.  Even better, you can configure custom rules with IFTTT.com so that you can automate rules if you want on when the outlet should be on or off, think about turning lights on/off at times to give the appearance of your home being lived in while you are away on vacation for example.  It can also be used to help turn on something at a specific time, say you want to turn on that slow cooker at 1pm but you have to leave at 8am.  Plug it into a Bestek Smart Plug and set a rule so it turns on at 1pm and you can just walk away knowing it will turn on at the right time.

The Bestek Smart Plug also has 2 USB ports as well as the one A/C outlet.

Enter to Win a Besttek Smark Plug

Win a Bestek Smart Plug Compatible with Alexa, IFTTT and Google Assistant

There are no limits to what you can automate, holiday lights coming on at specific time every night and shutting off in early morning when they aren’t needed…etc.  Feel free to comment on what you would automate or how you would make use of the smart plug if you won one.

Can’t wait to get a Bestek Smart Plug, you can pick one up now and get a discount with coupon code: ZRMWZPUY applied at Amazon checkout right now.


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