I have decided to kick off the first tablet giveaway of the year with the budget and kid friendly Kindle Fire 7 with Alexa, this tablet is an excellent choice for a family with the multiple profile options, parental controls, audiobooks, movies, books and there are plenty of games on the Amazon app store.  I have personally owned 5 different Kindle Fire devices over the years and I can tell you that if you are an Amazon Prime member or work with a lot of Amazon content they are an excellent tool.  You can pair a Bluetooth keyboard and use it as a notebook with various apps like Evernote, and you can use Amazon X-Ray when watching movies and get all sorts of extra information while watching the movies in real time which is pretty fun to use.

I also use Audible and having the Kindle Fire is excellent for taking my audio books with me, or reading my books from Amazon as well.  The Kindle Fire 7 also allows you to put in a MicroSD card and expand it’s storage up to 256GB so you can hold all the media and photo content you need.

Enter to Win the Kindle Fire 7

Enter to Win a Kindle Fire 7 With Alexa

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