Steam Gift Card Giveaway Winner and More Giveaways

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

Steam Gift Card Winner and More Giveaways

Happy New Year to everyone who is subscribed to the Dragon Blogger Newsletter.  I wanted to kick off the new year with some giveaways that target our various types of followers and subscribers.  Some readers are fans because they are interested in the gadgets, products we review and showcase and other fans are interested in the video games, game play and entertainment category.  So we like to offer a mix of giveaways including video games, Steam gift cards as well as the gadgets that we offer in giveaways.

For the new year I plan on setting aside a larger marketing budget toward rewarding the fans but need to also do it in the way that provides the best ROI.  I wanted a way to reward the true fans who interact and engage with the site vs. the ones who just join for a giveaway and drop out.  In doing this I will bury more hidden giveaways in the newsletter and look for ways to drive giveaways more for people who interact with the site and fanpage.

Winner of the $10 Steam Gift Card Giveaway

  • Kamil Wardęga from Poland

This was just the first Steam Gift Card giveaway that ran in 2018 and there is another active Steam Gift Card giveaway still going on that you can enter below as well.  Also as a reward to 1 lucky newsletter subscriber, I have chosen a random fan from the newsletter and I will give them a $10 Steam gift card as well if they reply to this email and claim the prize.  If they do not, then another winner will be chosen at random in 3 days as a replacement.  The winner of the hidden $10 Steam Gift Card giveaway will be buried somewhere in the later part of the email.

Win the Globmall X4 Android TV Box

The Globmall X4 runs on the latest Android 7.1.2 OS which is easy to use, more efficient, safer and faster than Android 6.0. Catch your favorite TV shows, play games, watch the news or surf the Internet. The Globmall X4 Android TV box is built for the video purists, delivering an incredibly rich and intense cinematic experience, with its 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, easy access to watch TV and media effortlessly over the internet, gives you space and freedom to install apps without having to always worry about running out of space.  This Android Streaming TV box also supports 4k and you can pair it with Bluetooth devices as well.  It has Ethernet or Wi-Fi for network connection.

Not to be confused with the $10 Steam Gift Card we just gave away.  This Steam Gift Card giveaway is co-sponsored by ThisBytesForYou which is a new tech site focused a little more specifically on PC Hardware that was spun up by our very own Iggy Castillo.  So go ahead and enter the Steam Gift Card giveaway and if you don’t need the gift card follow This Bytes for You on the following channels and become a fan.

Steam Gift Card

We are giving away a Kindle Fire 7 the color of your choice!  The Kindle Fire is still the ultimate Amazon vehicle for books, movies, audiobooks and more.  Though it may not have as robust an App Store as Google Play the device holds it’s own in the house as a great secondary tablet or tablet for readers.  The Kindle Fire 7 also allows you to insert a MicroSD card to expand it to 256GB of storage.

Win Kindle Fire 7

Top Products

So far I have been wearing the AMAZFIT smartwatch by Xaiomi since it arrive over a week ago and I have to say this is an amazing smartwatch.  It has 27 clock faces to choose from, plus you can upload your own watch faces.  You can track heartbeat, sleep data and various fitness activities.  Unlike most fitbands this full fledged fitness watch has a GPS built in and also a compass, so it doesn’t provide inaccurate step count like watches that only track arm swings.  The smooth circular dial interface is comfortable, easy to wear and the battery life is very good as it only needs to be charge about once every 5 or 6 days while it is doing continuous 24 hour heartbeat monitoring.  The watch also syncs to show you the weather, SMS or MMS notifications and more.  It allows you to transfer music files directly to the watch and it can act like a Bluetooth source so you can pair your bluetooth headset with the watch and leave your phone at home.  For $103 on Gearbest with free worldwide shipping this watch is fantastic and is very comparable to the nearly 2x Moto watch.



Out of all the keyboard I have used throughout the years the Logitech G910 Orion Spark is my favorite.  It has 9 extra macro keys with 5 of them placed to the left of the pinky.  It has a volume slider which I love above the 10-key pad.  It has 16.7 million color options you can set for each and every key individually and it has presets for various games including Overwatch which load those profiles by default.  Forget needing a mouse with a ton of thumb buttons, this is the ultimate gamers keyboard and the keys have a nice recess in the center to keep your fingers centered and prevent them from slipping.  The only downside of this keyboard is if you are a touch typist you have to train yourself to lift your fingers higher so you don’t hit the lip of the keys which only took a few weeks for me to get used to.

By far the best capture device I have used with my consoles the AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 allows you to record or live stream your console games including the Nintendo Switch.  For streaming you have to plug the device into a PC and capture the input stream to broadcast on Twitch or YouTube, but for recording to local file you can use it without a PC and just plug in an SD card to record your gameplay from any HDMI input source.  You also get a microphone input so you can overlay your voice while you play saving you from having to add voice over layter.  You even have commentary volume control so you can adjust your mic volume so you don’t drown out your game sounds or have your game sounds drown you out.


Here is where I will announce the 1 lucky newsletter subscriber who wins either a $10 Steam Gift Card or $10 PayPal cash, they can choose either prize.

Random Winner is Jacob Seas, Jacob please contact DragonBlogger and let them know you confirmed you were the winner and you will be sent the prize.

Before I end this newsletter I am really trying to bring in more brands who can sponsor more giveaways and I can’t do this without readers and fans help.  Please take the time to visit any one of our social media channels below and follow us, leave a comment, like, share thoughts or opinions, ask a question or engage with us in anyway.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.