EppieBasic 24W LED Light Bar Desk Lamp Showcase

Jayson shows us how to install and setup the solid EppieBasic 24W LED Light bar for your desk which is a clamp lamp that has 160 LED bulbs, it is a full 31.5″ wide and has a total output of 2350lux, which is the equivalent to a 100w incandescent bulb at full brightness. This makes it suitable for far more than reading, as you can use it for doing crafts, sewing, drawing and more where you would need a brighter light than a typical desk lamp.

Video Showcase of the EppieBasic 24W Desk Lamp

It has color temperature settings from the warm orange-ish 3000k to the blue/white daylight hue of 6500k, and you have 5 brightness levels incrementing from 20% to 100%. The LED light bar has a 45 degree angle beam, and the lights are diffused so that you don’t get light directly into your eyes and it minimizes any screen glare when you have the lamp over a monitor. One neat thing about the EppieBasic Desk Lamp is that it also has a sensor and can auto adjust brightness level based on surroundings as well if you don’t want to have to manually adjust the brightness level.

The lamp includes a memory function so it remembers the last temperature and brightness level even if you unplug it and replug it in somewhere else it stores the last configuration profile.
The very sturdy gooseneck allows you 27 degrees of range rotation as well. Note on the desk top thickness supported by the clamp, the table edge thickness should be between 1.5cm-8.cm.

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Justin Germino
Justin Germino
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