FocusCalm Headband Showcase

We use Bluetooth devices every day for a myriad of purposes. New ways of using these devices appear every year. A new approach for using Bluetooth as a self-assessment tool entered the market in early 2021. FocusCalm is a Bluetooth device you can use to train your brain on how to reduce stress and improve your focus.

FocusCalm consists of a headband and a companion app. They work together to provide you with real-time data on the state of your brainwave patterns. Having this information available to you allows you to learn how to affect your mindset in a few minutes a day. Developing this soft skill could help you in many areas of your life.

FocusCalm Headband

A combination of hard and flexible plastic makes the headband sturdy and comfortable. The “C”-shaped headband has two arms that rest on each side of your head. The arms of the headband keep it snug on your head with light pressure. While wearing the headband the inside of the “C”-shape should make contact with your forehead.

[Untitled illustration of FocusCalm headband]. FocusCalm Headband.

There are 4 main features to the headband:

  1. A full-color LED on the outside of the headband indicates your stress levels in real-time.
  2. Three EEG sensors on the inside of the headband detect signals from your brain.
  3. A USB Type-C charging port on the left arm will rest above your left ear when the headband is in the correct position.
  4. A Power Button on the right arm will rest above your right ear when the headband is in the correct position.

FocusCalm App

Untitled illustration of FocusCalm score ranges. FocusCalm Ranges.

The app receives and processes the real-time data transmitted from the headband. Then it compares your data with AI models, so it can calculate your FocusCalm score in real-time. Your score is a direct reflection of your current stress level. It will change as your stress level changes.

The app will display your score as a number in a globe filled with the corresponding range color. The indicator light on the front of the headband will also display your current range color. Having a visual representation of your current stress level allows you to do 3 things:

  1. Learn to recognize your feelings of stress, so you can learn to control them.
  2. Practice achieving a relaxed stress level by increasing your FocusCalm score.
  3. Improve your ability to handle stress as you learn new ways to achieve a calm, relaxed state.

Besides basic, real-time monitoring of your stress level, the app offers other functions. These other functions include:

  1. A tracker journal for recording your real-time FocusCalm score during any timed activity.
  2. A wellness calendar for tracking your mood changes compared to your FocusCalm score.
  3. Daily training programs for reaching goals related to a variety of daily activities.
  4. Calm games for training your brain to reach a relaxed state.
  5. Focus games for training your brain to stay calm under pressure.

Using the FocusCalm headband and app for a few minutes a day will help you learn to control your mindset. With practice, you will increase the depth, consistency, and speed you can attune your mind. Learning to control your mindset is a transferable skill that will benefit you in many areas.

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