Essential Steps To Follow When Selling Your Smart Phone

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

It was 10 months ago when I was planning to sell my Samsung S9 which was broken and was of no longer useful to me. Once I started online research for the platforms who can give me the best deal, I was bombarded with ads saying “looking to sell your Samsung s8? Sell with us for the guaranteed best deal” and many more commitments.

My personal experience says that never rush for the best deal until you have made mind after analysing the credibility of the chosen platform. Once you have finalized, make sure that your phone is ready to be sold out. There are major aspects which define the condition of your used mobile phone to be sold or recycled.

Checks To Be Done

Make sure you have gone through the below-mentioned steps since the mobile phone is a device that has all your personal and professional data and leaking of any such info can be too risky. Double ask yourself, have you done these?

1- Slots are vacant- You have taken out all extra accessories or configuration items out of it such as SIM cards, memory cards, and others if any.

2- Data Erased- Be clever. Backup all your data to any other device and get every bit of your info removed from this device.  Make sure you factory reset and wipe data.

3- Cloud Data & Apps- Clearing data is not only limited to the gallery and file manager but extended to cloud data in logged in the account of Google or any app. In-fact it is recommended to clear the browser history as well.

4- Cleanness is the Key- Clean your device particularly the screen and back of it which gives the extra sign and freshness. This can contribute towards a better deal.  Use those cleaning wipes for electronics and make it as good as new, no stickers or scuffs should be visible if possible.

5- Reboxing is the Bonus- In Case you are having original packaging, this would be a great addition to your deal.

Once it is ready, your used/old mobile phone can be re-used for many purposes. Some of them are here.

Options For Used Phones

There are various ways to extend the usage of your old mobile phones depending on their condition.

1- It’s Functional but the configuration is not the latest and you struggling to cope up with the new technology. In this case, you can donate to any charity, gift to any family member or friend. Also, you can sell or recycle it.

2- If the phone is broken and is non-functional; just make your choice between selling it out or recycling it.

3- It is facing some technical glitch, you can trade it for an upgraded new mobile phone.

4- Its working fine but having some wear and tear, you can simply give it a new life by opting servicing of it and give a fresh look by changing its cover and tempered screen.

5- Use it as a 2nd screen – you can use a gooseneck mount and have your phone act like a mini second screen off your desk for a live chat, specific page or simply a little player for vids to watch while you are working on your main screen.


A lot can be done with your used mobile phone. There are options which can in return give you emotion, feel and money of course. It all just depends on your personal thought and belief. Let’s not waste time and go with your choice now. Do let me know what you opted for and why?

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.