Etekcity Scroll E1 Wireless Mouse Review

The Etekcity Scroll E1 Wireless mouse is a 1600DPI Wireless mouse with 3 settings (500/1000/1600) and though it doesn’t say it is a gaming mouse it more than serves it’s purpose for gaming as well.  The mouse uses 2 AAA batteries which last a long time with constant use and you can hide the USB receiver inside the mouse for easy portability.

image I did my video review of the mouse which you can watch below.

What I particularly liked best about this mouse was the size of the thumb and pinky rest, seriously, on the right side of the mouse you have enough room to rest your ring finger and pinky finger on the mouse itself, your pinky finger doesn’t touch the mousepad or desktop like with most mice which I think is a nice change.

image The two thumb buttons can easily be customized to be assigned to game hotkeys, but if you are one who likes 4 or more thumb buttons it won’t meet your needs in that front.  Still for portability and comfort of use, this mouse is very light, easy to travel with and the DPI settings let you switch quickly between having to do fast actions or precise and slow movements like trying to draw lines in a paint program and keep them accurate and precise.

For $15.99 you really won’t find a mouse in this class that will give you better ROI, though if you want a more gamer specific mouse I recommend the Etekcity Scroll R1 mouse which has longer buttons and a cool blue glow to it.  It is wired however, so if you want a wireless mouse the Etekcity Scroll E1 is a perfect choice and I found it to be an excellent mouse.

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Justin Germino
Justin Germino
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