Extend Kaspersky 30 Day Trial Without Any Software

There is perhaps no paid Antivirus software as much in demand as Kaspersky (please share your opinion). Clearly, Kaspersky knows this too well to allow the use of leaked licenses for more than a few days or say weeks. These licenses are blacklisted or blocked during the process of updating the virus, spyware and malware databases. Any organization needs to protect its financial interests without a doubt, so you can’t blame Kaspersky for that!

Now, there are some two or three simple ways by which you can keep resetting your Kaspersky Trial License, without using any software and without ever needing to enter a license key! We shall discuss the best one of these tricks here in this article.


Go to Kaspersky Window by double-clicking (or a single click depending on your settings) on its icon
If you are using a trial license, you would see this message at the bottom :
License:XX days remaining
By clicking on License, you can go to Kaspersky License Manager

In the Kaspersky License Manager window, you would be able to see your current license key at the top
There should a red cross beside the license key
By clicking on it you delete the current license key

Now, go to the Kaspersky Main window
Click on Settings at the top

Go to Options and disable the Self-Defense option

Now, right click on the Kaspersky icon in your task-bar and exit Kaspersky

Take care of any messages that might pop up. A security warning should also be displayed. Just ignore it.

Click on the Windows Button (Windows Vista and Windows 7) or Start Button (in Windows XP)

Type “run” and hit enter (or return key).
Type “regedit” and hit enter (or return key)

This will take you to the Windows Registry Editor

Now go to :


KasperskyLab >

protected >

AVP9 >


Double-Click on PCID or Right-Click and Modify

Leaving most of it the same, change the last 3-4 characters (any numbers 0-9 can be used)
Now click on OK and exit Registry Editor
Then run Kaspersky using any shortcut

Click on Activate License
Select Activate trial license

Now, open Kaspersky main window and you’ll see the following message :
Self-Defense is disabled
Click on Fix Now

You’re done!
Keep doing this every 29 days and enjoy unlimited Kaspersky Trial License!

****Let me advise you that this article is only for your information and fun, and you are advised to always use legally purchased licenses for all software.

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