Facebook Email Tips – Using Facebook Messaging as Your Free Email Service

Did you know that Facebook Messaging can be pretty conveniently set up to send emails to other email services such as Gmail, Live or Yahoo? Let’s quickly learn how you can set up your custom @facebook.com email ID and use it!

Facebook Email ID


How To Set Up Your @Facebook.Com Email ID?

1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/username/ to set your public username or view it if you’ve already set one up.

2. Once your username has been set, your profile can be accessed at : https://www.facebook.com/. For example, mine is https://www.facebook.com/samirsm.

3. Now, your Facebook email ID is: @facebook.com, so mine is: samirsm@facebook.com.

4. When you click on the messages tab or just go to https://www.facebook.com/messages, you can access all the un-archived messages, and you can also send a new message to people with or without a Facebook account!

5. Just click the New Message button and enter the email ID to send an email using your @facebook.com email ID.

6. You can also send attachments like pictures, videos, text and word documents etc. as usual!

Why Use Facebook Messaging As Your Email Service?

1. Most people who use internet regularly use Facebook, so you can use it solely for social messaging or more.

2. Using a @facebook.com email id can be pretty catchy due to FB’s popularity!

3. It would be much easier to manage conversations with people over years! Emails between email IDs and usernames on Facebook are automatically grouped together and can’t be misplaced!

4. It would certainly be better to converse using FB Messages with friends and relatives due to groups, sharing photos, videos, notes etc.

5. Mails can be permanently deleted. You can delete an entire conversation with just a couple of clicks!

6. You don’t need to remember email ids! Just start typing names for those on FB.

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