Featuring the Aiwatch GT08+ Smartwatch

So over at Gearbest you can find the Aiwatch GT08+ for those of you who are looking to try a Smartwatch to pair with your Android or iOS device but have a limited budget.  This smartwatch at $37.49 with free shipping sure won’t break the bank and gives you a taste if you have been wanting to try a Smartwatch on and see if it is something you can get used to.

One thing that separates out the Aiwatch GT08+ is that it features a stand alone SIM card support so that you can answer and make calls from the watch without using a phone, it truly can be an independent from your phone system, or you can simply pair it with Bluetooth and keep it as an extension of your phone.  If you do think about the SIM option, just note that this watch phone will only work with GSM networks: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz so make sure you check with your carrier to see if it is compatible, this step is only needed if you don’t want to pair it with your Bluetooth phone.

As with most Smartwatches you get some standard functionality like contact syncing, answering phone calls, playing music, voice recording, pedometer, sleep monitor and this one also includes phone alarm “anti-theft mode” which is basically where the watch blares an alarm if it is greater than a certain distance from the phone to help prevent you from leaving your phone on a table in a coffee shop or if someone where to snag and try to run off with it while you were wearing the watch.
The Aiwatch GT08+ has a 1.54 inch capacitive TFT HD LCD touch screen with 240 x 240 pixel resolution.  It has a .3mp camera so you can take selfies or stealth photos (stealthies) without having to pull out your phone as well.  The watch has a built in SDCard slot so you can actually add up to 32GB of storage to it for storing music files or media files on the watch itself.    The watch also has a curved display with an impressive 180 degree viewing angle.

The ability to read messages on your watch as well as send them without having to pull your phone out of your pocket also is a big plus, as you can simply twist your wrist and read a message and/or respond with ease.  The watch also features a sedentary reminder which notifies you if you are sitting still for too long as a reminder to get up and move around, burn a calorie or two before plunking back down into your chair!
In looking at the watch pictures I saw what looked like FM Radio as an option, but I saw no details about an actual FM antenna, so wasn’t sure if this feature is part of the watch or not, it would be awesome if it could tune to FM radio stations so you can listen while on your wrist, but you would have to contact Gearbest to confirm.  Want to have a watch that does more than tell time, but have a tight budget?  The Aiwatch GT08+ may be just what you are looking for, check it out and buy now from Gearbest for only $37.49 and remember it comes with free shipping!
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