Kinivo M2 Big Bass Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway

This isn’t your average Bluetooth speaker system as the Kinivo M2 Big Bass Bluetooth Speaker system has not only 2 satellite speakers but a sub-woofer which most Bluetooth speakers systems don’t have.  This speakers system is designed to be both your 2.1 PC or Laptop speaker system plus doubles as your Bluetooth speaker system in room for your mobile devices as well, and you get 56 watts here.

Now, when Kinivo contacted us they gave us the option of receiving a review unit or do a giveaway for the speaker system but they couldn’t do both.  I decided that I would prefer to reward the fans and give them a chance to win the Kinivo M2 Big Bass Bluetooth Speaker system rather than do a hands on review of the product, as rewarding the fans is one of the things I love best.  So as much as we would have loved to do a detailed review, one of you fans is going to get very lucky and be grateful we passed on the review so that you can win this!

Enter to win the Kinivo M2 Bluetooth Speaker System

Kinivi M2 Big Bass Bluetooth Speaker System Giveaway

This Kinivo M2 Bluetooth Speaker system can only be shipped to the U.S. and there is no cash equiv, so this giveaway is only open those who can provide a U.S. shipping address to receive the Kinivo M2.  Good luck to all who enter, and don’t forget to make sure you thank Kinivo for allowing us to giveaway the M2 Bluetooth Speaker system.

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Justin Germino
Justin Germino
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