Featuring the Glowforge Plus 3D Laser Printer

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This day in age when it comes to modern technology and being able to create things the world of 3D printing has made it so much easier just by being able to scan something and then being able to have the item printed. Today I’m going to talk about the Glowforge Plus 3D Laser Printer and discuss what this item is capable of based on what others have said about this product and from what I can tell myself.


The Glowforge Plus retails for just a little under $4,000 which to some might seem high but is a decent price point for what should be a good 3D printer. The Glowforge allows you to make any design with simply a pen and then the printer will be able to scan your design with its onboard cameras making any design very easy to scan in. Once your design is scanned into the computer program of your choice whether it be Adobe Illustrator or PowerPoint, you then have the ability to resize, copy and fully edit to your hearts desire your design until its exactly how you want it to look. Once your design is set, the printer will use its incredible laser which is able to be fine-tuned and adjusted to a thousandth of an inch, to create your prints with incredible precision and amazing detail. Feel free to use your own materials because the Glowforge works well with just about any material such as including wood, leather, fabric, cardboard, acrylic, and even chocolate.

Projects can be made as easily as scanning whatever design into the printer and then be able to adjust your project once your design is scanned in.


The Glowforge claims to get the job done in minutes and with what I’ve seen from most 3D printers I’ve experienced I’d imagine that is the case here as well. This printer also comes with the Glowforge App with allows you to run the printer from any Mac or PC as well as any Android or iOS device which makes setting up projects extremely accessible. A few details worth mentioning is that for starters you cannot print with any sort of gold material as apparently according to some comments made about the device it does not allow for gold printing. It also comes with an 8 foot, 4-inch wide exhaust hose to vent to the outside so that the printer does not overheat during use. Also, an Internet connection is required to use the software to run the printer so if you do not have Internet access at home you will need that first and foremost in order to use the printer.


One user stated that you do not need to upgrade your computer or upgrade the motherboard to use the printer and that the setup is rather quick and in easy which takes roughly around 30 minutes to get started. The Glowforge Plus will provide you with the ability to make all of your projects whether it be creating sandals to making accessories for your entertainment center to even being able to make jewelry for your etsy shop all the more easier and is an investment worth making to satisfy all of your creative ideas.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.