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The Samsung Chromebook 3 provides those who are simply needing to have access to a laptop that they can use for writing, Internet, studying and in my opinion the perfect laptop for any college student. Samsung tends to make some outstanding products and is a brand that I highly trust. The Chromebook 3 is only $219 right now on Amazon and is a great deal plus provides a very nice sized 11.6 inch screen as well as being being ranked #10 at Amazon currently for highest selling laptops. The Chromebook 3 comes with pretty substantial battery life of up to 11 hours on one full charge so you won’t be running out of battery as frequently. I’ve always been a fan of Samsung as they always make a very high quality product that is very easy to use. This laptop has a great design and appearance to it which is surprising for it’s price. I can say that I have yet to have a single major issue with any Samsung product that I’ve owned and I doubt you will either with this very affordable and sleek Chromebook that is one that will last you for quite some time made by a company you can trust.


  • 11.6 inch ( 1366 x 768), 16:9
  • Intel Celeron Processor N3060, 1.6 GHz to 2.48 GHz
  • 4 GB Memory. Spill Resistant – Yes
  • Google Chrome system

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