Featuring the Retro Looking Amazfit Neo Smart Watch on Sale

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Though at first glance it may not look like a smart watch thanks to it’s single color black on grey display and style, the Amazfit Neo Smart Watch is no slouch when it comes to features combined with simplicity and is a smart watch for scuba divers even in that it can support up to 50m depth.  Make no mistake, the Neo Smart Watch is a full fitness tracking smart watch with heart rate tracking, sleep analysis and is compatible with any Android and iOS Phone.  Amazfit is owned by Xiaomi which is a tech giant really so you know it is a high end product under a lesser known label.  I personally have used Amazfit smartwatches before, though not this model and have been very happy with them.

Inside the Amazfit Neo Smart Watch Box you will find

1 x Watch (strap included)
1 x Charging Base
1 x User manual (EN)

You need to pair the Neo Watch with an app by either scanning the QR code found in the money to open the app automatically, or search and install the “Zepp” app in the Apple App Store or Google Play (yes, this app name changed and used to be called something different for Amazfit watches).

The Amazfit Neo Smart watch sports a four-sided retro looking screen (who remembers Casio?) equipped with four physical buttons, two on each side of the watch face.  This very simple styled smart watch is equipped with a bio tracking PPG sensor so that the smartwatch is monitoring your heat rate 24 hours a day, while providing “real-time heart rate monitoring” to your app for tracking and keeping a record for you to reference.  What is really amazing about this watch is due to it’s design and screen simplicity is able to do this 24 hour monitoring and still manage to keep a 28 day battery life of use between charges and up to 37 days on power saving mode.

Integrating the PAI Health Assessment system, The Amazfit Neo eliminates the need to track complicated health data manually and allows you faster access to your “health analytics” because it helps track your exercise, including steps, calories burned, as well as sleep stages and quality. The heart rate poll is done every 30 seconds.

The Amazfit Neo can sync with your phone to provide you text message and email notifications, so you know when a call or text came in.  You cannot read your texts or answer calls on your watch, it just provides you with a notification.

A smartwatch for divers

It is not common to find a smart watch that can accommodate not only swimming but diving, but with the Neo Smart Watch it can withstand up to 5 ATM (atmospheric pressure) and this rates it to 50 meters, or 164 ft under water without risk of damage. This means you can free dive and scuba dive with this watch which makes it an extremely affordable diving smart watch.

Amazfit Neo Specifications:

  • Screen: 1.2’’ STN black and white display
  • Button: 4(SELECT/BACK/UP/DOWN)
  • Wristband materials: PUR
  • Wristband length: 12+8.6cm
  • Wristband width: 20mm
  • Body material: plastic
  • Dimension: 40.3*41*11.7mm
  • Weight: about 32g
  • Connectivity: BT5.0 BLE
  • Battery capacity: 160mAh lithium-ion polymer battery(minimum value)
  • Charging time: 5h
  • Battery life: 28 days(typical)
  • Water resistant: 5ATM
  • Support devices: Android 5.0 and iOS 10.0 and above
  • APP: Zepp App
  • Download the APP by scanning the QR code(in the manual), if it doesn’t work you also can search
  • Zepp” in the App store/Google play
  • Sensors: Accelerator sensor, Bio Tracker PPG bio-tracking optical heart rate sensor
  • Package size/weight: 10*10*10cm/200g

Note, the Amazfit Neo was tested by the National Clock Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, report number: QT2007032.


Now through November 30th you can pick up the Neo Smart Watch by Amazfit for only $39.99 from TomTop through their Flash Deal.  Don’t miss out on this!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.