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The Vensmile i10 Mini PC is a PC who’s specs come surprising relative to its overall size. It comes with multiple USB jacks, an HDMI jack, a headphone jack and the obvious monitor and power cord jacks. It can essentially do everything a notepad can do in terms of hardware (minus the built-in screen) while remaining roughly the same size as a can of soda. This small PC has some pretty large, exciting features which set it apart from other PCs. Without further ado, here are those features.


It Has a Sleek Design

While perhaps not the first thing on the mind of those in the market for a new PC, mini or otherwise, it’s worth noting that this PC’s design is quite sleek; from a distance, you’d assume someone just plugged a black can of soda into their computer monitor. It’s small, it’s smooth and its buttons and jacks are inconspicuous.


The Specs Are Great for the Size and Price

There are laptops 5 times the size of this PC with the same specs. Relative to its overall size, you’re getting a very powerful computer. With 2 gigs of ram, 32 gigs of hard drive space and a quad core processor, you’ll find this PC can preform more functions than what you previously thought judging by its otherwise small stature.

It’s Convenient and Easy to Use

This tiny Windows PC can be tucked into a backpack, a purse or even a coat pocket without you being weighed down in the slightest. It can be plugged into any computer setup within seconds. It’s truly the most convenient computer available for transporting between computer setups. Bring it to the office to show off your new presentation or plug it into your friend’s TV to bring your movie collection with you.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to bring your music and movie collections to every entertainment system you encounter, the Vensmile i10 Mini PC is the PC for you. Have multiple TVs in your house? The Vensmile i10 Mini PC can be used interchangeably between all of your entertainment systems with just seconds of setup. It can preform virtually any function your standard computer tower can while taking up next to no space. After considering its price, the Vensmile i10 Mini PC is good for anyone, whether they’re look for something compact or not.

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