Is Feedburner Going Away?

With Google clamping down on Feedburner API’s that left many widgets and services showing 0 subscribers a new notification about Google pulling AdSense for feeds has gone out to AdSense customers.


So is the writing on the wall that Feedburner which we know was consumed by Google may be on the chopping block in the future like Google did for Friend Connect and other services.

I actually remember talking with a company that used to earn hundreds per month from it’s 20k+ RSS feed subscribers via AdSense on feeds, it earned more AdSense from feeds than it did from it’s website and I am curious to know how sites like that and others are affected by this decision and what they are doing to attempt to find alternative revenue sources for feeds.

It would seem to be going this route and I have seen more feed companies offering deals, discounts and incentives to get off Feedburner now.  Fortunately I did switch to Feedblitz last year and don’t have to worry about the Feedburner issues at all for, however I still maintain a Feedburner feed and it still has a few hundred subscribers.  My other blogs also still ran Feedburner feeds, Feedblitz also is free to have people subscribe to the feed by reader but there is a cost to allow readers to subscribe via email, this is because the email subscribers become a mailing list for your feed as well so it doubles as a mailing list provider and RSS feed provider.

What would you use as alternative to Feedburner? Aweber RSS Feed offering, Feedblitz or another service, or do you plan on sticking with Feedburner until it no longer exists?

Share your thoughts about how Google is affecting the Feedburner service lately and let us know what you think the outcome will be.

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