FIFINE USB Microphone Review

First the disclaimer, FIFINE sent me one of their wallet friendly desktop microphones at the beginning of the month, and here is what I think so far.

Build and look:

Being that this is a $30 microphone from a lesser known company, while waiting for the mic to come in, I was skeptical on how the mic would feel and look. Needless to say, I was completely wrong in my assumption. This mic looks absolutely sweet. It has a very nice aluminum mesh design with stainless steel accents. It has a very solid weight to it, which again is something I mention in many of my reviews. The windscreen is constructed well. The cord is durable, and is a little over 6 feet long. Check out some images below to see what I’m talking about!


Sound quality:

This is my first microphone review, and even my first microphone in general. While I won’t be able to compare to other mic’s I have used, I can give my whole honest opinion on the quality you will record at from this microphone. The recording quality of this mic is actually insanely good for $30, producing clearing sounds than that of my Canon Rebel t6i’s inline mic! My only complaint is with this mic, you have to basically be right next to it for it to record. Whenever you move away, the mic drastically loses recording volume, even with the volume knob all the way up. I take 1 star off for this.  Check out a video review/test I did below!


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