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Ben Tennyson is a brave youngster who takes you on a quest to defeat space pirates, formidable robots and dangerous villains. Here, at, we feature a complete collection of Ben 10 games. All games are educational, completely safe and with no prior installation or donation required. Enjoy!

Ben was your typical ten-year-old until, one day, he went for a stroll with his grandfather Max and sister Gwen. They were walking across the park when he found Omnitrix, a magical device looking like an ordinary watch but possessing incredible magical powers.

As it turned out, this device can empower its owner with unique abilities turning him into one of the space superheroes. Waking up as a normal child and only hoping to have interesting summer holidays, Ben suddenly acquired super powers and plunged into dangerous heroic battles.

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Sometimes, our young friend will have to travel to the distant lands to fulfill his mission. His journey is filled with dangers and mythical and treacherous creatures. Only a closer contact will unfold the veil of secrecy and reveal the true identity of the enemy which makes gaming even more exciting. Dangerous predators are roaming distant lands. Ben will encounter them everywhere. Each new game is going to be eventful and exciting.

Right from the start, when the game reveals the first location, you can witness different ancient creatures that survived since the age of dinosaurs, for example crocodiles. But they are even more dangerous than you can imagine – these terrifying creatures breathe fire! The enemy roams the rivers and shores and is waiting for your smallest move to incinerate you with its hot breath.

In another game, Ben will have to survive in super hot conditions, escaping from a volcanic eruption or finding his way up along the highest waterfall in the world. Help Ben overcome all the obstacles – after all, only a person with a big and brave heart is able to face all challenges during a difficult journey, destroy the villains and put the acquired treasures to good use.

Ben 10 games inspire boys from all over the world. They showcase the courage with which this young man fights various manifestations of the evil. He is brave and resolute, reflecting the attacks of various enemies such as aliens, ninjas, zombies or ghosts. Ben is not afraid of cold and darkness and can go to the forest at midnight to find an ancient lost cemetery.

The plot of some Ben 10 games takes place on Earth while others unfold in space. For example, in one of the games, terrible aliens descended on our planet seeking to capture people into slavery. Thanks to Omnitrix, Ben turns into the Fireman. He rushes along the busy highway at a great speed while gamers try to help him avoid crashing into the cars and, at the same time, throwing fireballs into monsters. In most of these games, Ben has a supply of energy that is lost if the enemy is winning.

At the same time, Ben is no stranger to space. In some games, the game action takes place on spaceships, distant planets or in the parallel dimensions. For example, Vilgax the villain often sets to steal Omnitrix in order to capture and defeat Ben. To prevent this, Ben turns into a creature named Plasma which is able to take the form of any object it touches. Plasma transforms into a spaceship which sets out in search of Vilgax while fighting with his army along the way.

In online games, Ben can also box, ride a car, fish or play basketball. There are also a lot of puzzles and quests with Ben.

All in all, Ben Tennyson has become one of the most popular game characters. Thousands of boys are fascinated with his abilities and are longing to join his adventures.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.