Find the Right Web Host For Your Blog or Website

Let us classify types of websites and blogs based on their web hosting requirements.

1.Media Based blogs and websites

2.Text Based blogs and websites


Now, Almost all bloggers use images in their posts. That doesn’t make it a media based blog. Media based blogs are Photo-blogs, Video-blogs, Audio-blogs etc., in which the primary content is Rich-media, or blogs which need to host certain downloadable files on the same server.

Media based websites include websites reviewing movies, TV series etc. with the files on the same server, or sites listing/selling Web-Templates, Wallpapers, Screen-Savers etc.

Clearly, these blogs and websites need much more Web-Space and Bandwidth than others. The bloggers and site-owners should therefore preferably go for Unlimited Web-Hosting Plans with reliable Web Hosts, or use File-Hosting services on a different Server and link to those files.


These blogs and websites are typically information-based, with lots and lots of textual content and relatively lesser space taken up by images, videos and Flash files, if at all any. So, they need considerably less Web Space and Bandwidth as compared to other blogs and websites.

Even if you are using the services of a Web Hosting company for the past few months or years, you should continually compare their services with those of other Web Hosts, and switch over whenever you feel the need to. Bandwidth limitations are particularly very harsh, when you are expecting a sudden rise in traffic. Thus, always keep atleast twice the Bandwidth in provision of that you actually need. Especially if you are expecting a sharp spike due to an advertisement campaign or Social Media activities or Search Engine Optimization, switch over to a very high or unlimited Bandwidth Plan or Web Hosting company, if your present company doesn’t have that facility.

Web Space is much easier to monitor and optimize, since there cannot be such spikes as in Bandwidth requirement. If you need only a few hundred or thousand MBs of space, no need going for an Unlimited Web Hosting Plan, especially in case of Text Based Blogs.

If you need unlimited Bandwidth, and don’t get it without purchasing Unlimited Web Space, however, don’t hesitate to shell out a few extra bucks. If you are stranding 100s or 1000s of potential customers or blog-visitors due to Bandwidth limits, it would deal your reputation a severe blow. I’ve seen this happen with many Top-tier blogs and websites too!

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