Finishing the Diablo 3 Beta

The other week I finished the Diablo 3 Beta and took my readers through an overview of the Demon Hunter class and some basics with this video review:

Diablo 3 represents everything you loved about Diablo II, and includes the hordes of monsters that die by the hundreds, the thousands upon thousands of combinations of weapons, armors and accessories to eek out every extra edge in customizing your character.


Unlike typical MMO games where there is a Tank, Healer, Range Attacker…etc Diablo 3 seems like all characters are designed to simply obliterate opponents, and you won’t see any character having to hang back just so it can heal companions like you do with some fantasy based MMO games.

The action is everywhere and it is quite frantic, I think MMO’s could take some lessons from the hold+shift and right click to attack in whatever direction you are facing concept, this is brilliant and I enjoy just launching volleys of rapid fire arrows in the direction of my opponents without having to click on and select each target one at a time and then trigger an attack on each.

One thing about Diablo 3 is that there appears to be no character customization from the creation screen at all, you can’t adjust height, skin color, or any other facial/skin feature. This is probably due to the fact that once you adorn weapons/armor you pretty much can’t see any character details anyway, and that Diablo 3 keeps a reasonably distant overview of your characters never letting you zoom in up close anyway. I didn’t find this to be too hindering as once I got a customized hood for my character and some double hand crossbows I looked unique enough compared to other demon hunters.

Looks like Diablo 3 will be released in 2Q 2012 which will be a great day for fans who have been waiting for it for 4+ years now! The advantage of having such a vast online gaming system where you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription too may be a huge boon to those just willing to drop the $60 and unlimited game without worries of having to renew their monthly subscription like they have to with WoW or The Old Republic.

When Diablo 3 releases, I intend to give a copy away to readers in a contest, so stay tuned!

-Dragon Blogger


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