First Year of Fortnite

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Most recently, Epic Game developer celebrated their one year anniversary by launching Fortnite, a multiplayer survival game that has apparently taken the world by storm. This brought about the introduction of new features to the Battle Royale game. Some of these new features include hidden birthday cakes that challengers must unlock by finding them on the map. Once a player finds the hidden cakes and eats them, their health and shields are multiplied. Below are some other important highlights worth mentioning about the first year of Fortnite.

The Long Journey

Fortnite has come a long way in fulfilling its promises to the game lovers. There has been a task load of changes and various developments in ensuring that the game is one of a kind in the market. This includes the recent surfacing of and and which have features that enable players to track their stats and leaderboard standings outside the game.

Bugs Fixed

Epic Game has been forthcoming in notifying the game lovers around the world of the minor technical glitches that players struggle with in the game. Some of the minor problems included:

  1. Unable to un-equip items in the locker
  2. The grenade didn’t properly impact when it exploded on the roads
  3. Stats not recording properly

As we all know, nothing good comes without a struggle. There had been issues arising and players complaining that the game crashed right in the middle of the game. So, the most recent improvements saw the fortnite’s bugs fixed. On top of this, there were other adjustments that had to do with the weapons options, these options can now be seen accurately. These fixes will ensure that players get through all the various levels without any technical glitches. They’ll now be able to go up against adversaries, especially on the new game, Zapper Husk.

In addition to this, players will no longer experience the so often pop-ups that happen on iOS. You may also experience the prevalent Playground Mode, a low-weight, coordinate in which partners can uninhibitedly manufacture and prepare together temporarily for the game.

Lighting up the Game

On their birthday cheer, Epic Game included the new compact submachine gun. The gun is accessible throughout the Legendary and Epic variations. The gun uses light ammunition that has an expiry limit of fifty rounds.

As we had earlier mentioned, the game has come a long way, from the cartoon version of the highly defined option, and to the recent appearance of Fortune in the 2018 World Cup.


Recently, epic games have announced the kick off Fortnite Season 6 which will culminate around the Halloween season. They promise to include frights and delights, spooky werewolves, magic, and levitating cubes. To ensure that you don’t get all spooked up, there’ll be cute pets to calm your nerves. The game is available on PC, PS4, Nintendo, iOS, and Xbox for free.


Apparently, there have been some cheater apps that promise players of in-game money. These apps promise gamers of shortcuts for them to better their gaming skills. The biggest risk is that using these apps involves downloading programs that have been reported infect the individual’s PCs with viruses. The developers, therefore, suggest that gamers be cautious whenever downloading the game and to ensure that they only get the game content from Epic Games, Fortnite’s official developer.  

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.