The Best i7 Laptops to Consider When Starting Your Career as a Blogger

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Ever since Intel introduced the Core i7 processor back in 2009, it has made its way across several different brands of laptops, some of which are used by bloggers. As someone who’s starting a career in blogging, you’ll want to own an i7 laptop, especially if a brilliant idea on how to write a specific topic pops out of your head while you’re on the go.

But with so many i7 laptops to choose from, picking which one to buy for your blogging needs can be overwhelming. To help you out, here are the best ones currently available on the market.

  1. Apple MacBook Pro

Most people think of a blogger as someone who frequents a coffee shop in their neighborhood while working on a blog post using not just any laptop but an Apple MacBook Pro at that. You should consider buying an Apple MacBook Pro from the get-go if you want to start building your reputation with a status symbol that’s synonymous with the blogging life. 


  • Lightweight compared to most other laptops

If you often blog while on the go, you wouldn’t want to tire yourself out by carrying a laptop that’s heavy as a brick. Apple knows that feeling all too well, which is why they designed the MacBook Pro to be small and thin that carrying it with you is a breeze.

  • Powerful internal specifications

The Apple MacBook Pro lets you work with several browser tabs while researching about whichever topic you’re blogging. You can go back and forth between each tab without any time-consuming delay or freezing, thanks to its powerful i7 processor and 16 GB RAM. Its internal storage is also to die for as it currently has a built-in SSD (or solid-state drive) with a capacity of 2 TB.

  • Large touchpad

A standout feature of the Apple MacBook Pro that would be of great benefit to you as a blogger is its touchpad, which is larger than that of a conventional laptop. After all, when you’re blogging while on the go, you don’t want to bring a mouse with you all the time as it would only take up space in your bag.

  • Decent battery life and charging time

Expect the Apple MacBook Pro’s battery to last up to 10 hours, which should be enough for about three to four blog posts in a day. You can plug in an Apple MacBook Pro and it will be fully charged after approximately three hours.


  • Expensive for a blogging laptop

Unfortunately, you need to save up more than two thousand US dollars before you can buy an Apple MacBook Pro. As a budding blogger, consider yourself lucky if you can come up with that amount either in cash or on credit. Hence, the Apple MacBook Pro may be a cost-prohibitive entry-level laptop. Consider the next option instead.

  1. Dell XPS

If you’re more comfortable using the ever so popular Windows operating system, you should get yourself an i7 blogging laptop running on it. There are countless Windows laptops on the market right now. But one that demands your attention is the Dell XPS, whose no-nonsense design is enough to leave an impression on anyone that you’re serious about pursuing it as a career.


  • Cheaper than an Apple MacBook Pro

A laptop running on macOS is generally more expensive compared with one that uses Windows as its operating system. That’s why you’re better off buying a Dell XPS instead as you’re still starting as a blogger and your first few earnings may not immediately get you an Apple MacBook Pro.

  • Long battery life

In comparison with Apple MacBook Pro’s battery, the one in Dell XPS lasts up to more than 15 hours, which is very useful if you’re in the mood to write five to seven blog posts in a day and you’re blogging at a place without available power outlets.


  • Inferior RAM and SSD

Dell XPS’ memory and internal storage pale in comparison with those of the Apple MacBook Pro. But as a blogger who most likely wouldn’t be using a Dell XPS for intensive tasks, an 8 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD should be enough for you to start writing.

  1. Acer Aspire R 15

Bloggers do need a break sometimes to avoid burnout. In between writing blog posts, you may want to play with your favorite game or watch a movie. While you can technically do both with the two i7 laptop options listed above, you will enjoy them more if you get yourself an Acer Aspire R 15.


  • Convertible design

Compared with most other standard i7 laptops on the market, you can use the Acer Aspire R 15 in four different modes, namely:

  • Laptop mode for normal use
  • Display mode when you feel like flipping its keyboard and using only its 15-inch screen to project something
  • Tablet mode when you want to turn it into an even more portable device
  • Tent mode when you want to watch videos similar to how you do it with your smartphone
  • Fast graphics card

The Acer Aspire R 15 also comes with a built-in 2 GB NVIDIA GeForce 940MX graphics card that lets you play any game without having to deal with lag issues, as you don’t need any further stress than what a career in blogging is bringing to the table.

  • Desirable specifications and battery life

Other specs of the Acer Aspire R15 worth noting are its 12 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD as well as its 9-hour battery life, which should be enough for around three to four blog posts in a day.


  • A bit unwieldy when in tablet mode

Despite the portability that the Acer Aspire R15 promises when you turn it into a tablet, it may still feel too clunky compared with the real thing. You may want to buy a separate tablet instead if you do need one.


Blogging has evolved from being a mere pastime for tech-savvy individuals to a career where one can earn money along the way. While it’s debatable at the moment whether you can make a living by blogging alone, you can use it to jumpstart your career. But when you do decide to become a blogger yourself, you’ll need not just any ordinary laptop but one with a powerful Intel Core i7 processor in it. The selections listed above should help you more easily figure out which i7 laptop to get for blogging purposes. After all, no idea should be left to waste, thus the need for an i7 blogging laptop that you can carry with you wherever you go.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.