Four Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do with Public Wi-Fi

Never get trapped with public Wi-Fi security? That doesn’t mean you can always be the luck one. Stories about Social
Security account and bank information have been stolen hit us every day. However, statistics and reality suggest that,
mobile end is more tend to be the target of hackers. You will never take this serious, until you are part of the story.

Here are four things you didn’t know you can do with public WI-FI to precaution before all too late!

1、Verify Wi-Fi Authority before Connecting

Choose the authorized Wi-Fi options can decrease the risk of being phished by hackers. Make sure to verify the name of
the network before connecting. Wi-Fi hotspots without entry validation may turn out to be the hook of cyber criminals.
You can also install anti-virus software which detects Wi-Fi security before your mobile accessed to any wireless hotspots,
and popup first alert in case any unsecure suspicious.

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2、Keep Vigilance during Browsing

Never treat this lightly, even your mobile phone get connected with Wi-Fi hotspot which is already verified with a
password. Try to avoid sending or receiving anything sensitive (like as bank account), log out once finished using an
account. It couldn’t be better to get a real-time protection from mobile security APP to ensure online safety.

3、Turn Wi-Fi Off and Forget the Network

Mobile phone will detect usable Wi-Fi at any time. It will atomically connect options with a same name you have chosen
before, whether they are exactly the same wireless network or not. That increases the chances of falling into traps— it may
be the fake network built by hacker. So, remember to disconnect with the Wi-Fi hotspot after web browsing is done, and
turn off Wi-Fi when it is not necessary.

4、Install Mobile Security APP

Install mobile security APP could offer another protection for your mobile phone under Wi-Fi condition. As mentioned
above, AMC Security gives all-in-one mobile care, displays instant warning in case anyone is trying to attack your mobile
device and attempting to cast spy eyes on you, protects privacy stolen from even the most determined hacker.

What’s more, remember to keep security app up-to-date, since it updates the virus data from time to time to block
suspicious behavior. It’s a much easier and efficient solution to stay safe under public Wi-Fi condition, which spares you
much trouble if you know less about those mobile techs behind.

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