Create Free Logo Online with Zarla Logo Creator

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

Hello! I’m Opal from Dragonbloggers, and today I’m going to show you how easy it is to make a free logo with Zarla, the internets number one free logo maker. Whether you run a small business or you’re just starting out Zarla makes making a free logo an easy process without going through the lengthy process of finding an artist that suits your needs. I’ll also include a short review, with my own thoughts about the site! Let’s begin.

Step 1: Selecting your Industry and Logo!

For this tutorial, I’ll be using Dragonbloggers as our example on how to make a free logo! Once you’re on the Zarla splash page it’s as simple as punching your brand name into this box, and pressing the create your free logo button! Once you’re past that, Zarla will ask you for a slogan to go with your logo. I’d suggest something short, and catchy, in this case, we’ll be going with “Games, Tech, and Tutorials”. If you frequent our site, this describes us quite well. After that, you have the option of allowing Zarla to select a group of icons for you, or searching for a custom icon for your brand. We’re gonna go with custom, as our brand is quite unique, and we need to find a logo to match that. After punching in “dragon” into the search bar, look at all our options! We need to select five and narrow our logo choice down to the one we like the most. We’re gonna go with this nice-looking dragon with the shield crest, as it’s both a fantastic design and really communicates that our site is a safe place to get your latest technology information from!

Step 2: Customizing your logo!

Now that we’ve selected our logo, let’s get into customization. These blue and grey colors aren’t quite a match, and Zarla offers a ton of customization options for making a free logo. We’re going to change our blue to red, and our grey to a yellow, like a dragon’s underbelly! Now that we’ve finished that, we’ll do the same to the text, changing our brand name to red, and our slogan to a bright, popping yellow! Look at that! Zarla also offers a whole host of font options, in this case, we’ll go Poppins Regular, as it’s both professional and really pops. You also have the option to select a background color, or leave it blank like a PNG for use anywhere, which is what we’ll go with for now! Now let’s move on to selecting a layout for our logo. Zarla offers three fantastic options for customizing your layout, one with equal emphasis on your logo, brand name, and slogan, one with more emphasis on your logo to really stick that image in someone’s mind, and a final one which has your logo and brand side by side, which I really like. We’re gonna go with the last one! If nothing here strikes your fancy, Zarla also offers ideas of its own at the very bottom of its logo maker, featuring different layouts, fonts, and logos from the five you selected earlier in this tutorial!

Wrapping up: Input your email

Once you’re done following the steps above, you just input your email into this box, head to your email, and open what they send you! Zarla includes everything from resizable vector image files, to social media formatted logos for everything from Facebook, to linked in, all at the push of a download button. Aside from this, they’ll also help you open an online store, find products to sell that are either shipped straight to the customer, or made on-demand, and they even offer a promotion service via Canva!

This website was fantastic, I produced a clean, professional logo in little to no time. It was extremely user-friendly, and a piece of cake to navigate with a ton of options for logo customization. My personal favorite thing was the various color palette suggestions they offered that I didn’t cover in the tutorial. I’m an artist both as a hobby and trade, and sometimes even I can’t decide on a color palette for something I’m working on. Again, crazy user-friendly, and the fact that they offer this for free is an absolute steal for anyone needing a quick logo to create a face for their brand. I’ve also received no spam emails since offering them mine, so it’s nice to know that Zarla doesn’t sell my info to third parties.

I’ve been Opal, and thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this article, consider giving Zarla a try, they’re the best free logo maker on the web and have helped thousands of people start their entrepreneurial ventures.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.