FRiEQ FQ-02 Stylus Pen Review

Anyone who used an Android device or even an iOS hand held device knows that there are times when the finger works best, and times when a stylus works better. I have owned a large number of styluses in my time, and they are not all equal.

FRiEQ makes a stylus that is also a ball point pen, and it both functional and stylish. As a pen the ink flow is great. Maybe a bit heavy at times, but not light like some pens. As a stylus, the tip looks like cloth and works very smoothly with no skipping.

I have had mine for nearly a month now, and it is still going strong. What I like is it is not a cheaply made product. It has some weight to it, and looks awesome. The capacitive touch tip is secure and works. I have owned some where the tip fell out while using it. I do not think this will happen here and hasn’t for the month I have been using it.

This pen is, as I said, sturdy, and well made. I fully expect that it will last for many years to come. It is also not too costly. Yes, it does cost a bit more than some dollar stylus pens I have bought before but considering how often the cheap ones have to be replaced, the cost of this one is well worth it.
If you are looking for a product you will like, that looks expensive but function like a dependable friend, this is the one you want.

Raymond Stapleton
I have worked in and around many different types of computers. In the Navy, I used a magtape drive computer that was a step down from pen and paper. I later worked for a big computer company and after that, taught computer class’s nation wide. I had the privilege of teaching 14,000 students in a 2 years period of time. Afterwards, I owned a small computer training and repair shop for a few years. I have owned C-64’s, Pc’s of various types, Amiga’s, and even Mac’s. I now have included the android to my collection. At any time, I have close to 15-20 computers or combinations of computers and game systems in the house. I look forward to more.
Raymond Stapleton

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