Fun Things You Can Do With Your Phone – Alone or With Friends

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We are seeing the rise of the mobile generation. More and more people are owning a mobile phone, typically with an Android or iOS operating system. Aside from the usual functions of calling, texting and activating different apps, there are other fun features that you might not be aware of. It’s no wonder why different generations – both the young and old – find mobile phones and smartphones as increasingly important devices in their daily lives. So when you’re out of ideas on what to do for fun, you don’t have to look further than the device you have in hand: your phone.

Use Your Phone as Compass and Barometer

You wouldn’t have thought that your android phone can have the function of being a compass and a barometer. This can be particularly helpful when you plan to go trekking or camping. Instead of bringing a typical compass with you, your phone can actually have the same function with added details like the coordinates of your position and how many degrees your current position is from the northern direction. The barometer function is also a helpful feature of your mobile phone. You can play a meteorologist with your friends by predicting if a storm’s coming. Both functions are helpful in outdoor activities like biking, trekking, camping or mountain climbing – whether you do them alone or with friends.

Do Internet Searches with Your Voice

Most Android smartphones have the feature that lets you do a voice search by saying “OK Google”. This is something fun to try out alone or have friends tag along with random internet searches. You’ll be amazed to know that there’s a hands-free way of making web searches. Some phone models have innovations to enhance this feature, like Moto X which has a dedicated listening core that allows you to say the “OK Google” command even if your phone screen is off. Apple also came up with its own version with the “hey Siri” for iPhone and other Apple devices.

Access Google Chrome from Other Devices

Just like Apple has the innovation of syncing all the internet tabs across all its products like iPad, Mac, and iPhone, Android also has the same feature with Google Chrome. Using your Gmail ID login, you can access your tabs, history, and bookmarks across different devices. This is particularly useful when you have a specific website you want to regularly access and you don’t want to miss out on accessing the site. If you are an avid online bettor or you like to play online casino games, you won’t miss a thing in accessing Judisakti or any of your favorite local online betting websites. You can have access to your betting or casino sites any time at any device for updates and for playing. If you are a team player and love playing casino games with friends, this multi-device synchronization feature comes even more handy as you get to hang out with your friends while playing casino games with them. Also, if you are a busy professional who is always on the go and must have access to the internet and online resources on a regular basis, you’ll find this feature advantageous and fitting for your lifestyle.

Control a Drone

If you are a drone enthusiast, you’ll be thrilled to know that your smartphone can actually have the same function as your conventional remote control. There are many apps available in the Google Play store which can allow you to choose a remote control app that is specific to your drone’s type or an app that can be like a universal remote that adjusts to different types of drones. Be careful of fake and unsafe apps that are also included among the functional ones. You and your friends can now enjoy flying drones for a longer time than remote controls that run on dry cells or rechargeable batteries.

Control an LED light bulb from your phone

Controlling a light bulb’s brightness and dimness can be considered as the stuff of science fiction. Actually, it is a possibility now thanks to modern technology. Some types of LED lights are Wifi-enabled, which makes them accessible and controllable at a certain distance. You and your friends will surely love this device you’ll love to try it out on your own bedroom lights or any other Wifi-enabled lights around your house.

Solve Math Equations Instantly

Math homework or calculus classes will never be that intimidating anymore with a downloadable Android app that gives you answers simply by taking pictures of mathematical equations. Whether you prefer to study alone or with friends, this app is a fun and educational one that you’ll love to add. Studying math has never been easier and more fun with this app.

There can be many potentials and functions that you can unlock from your phone. While it’s great to be adventurous in discovering something new from your phone, you also need to be careful not to overstep the technological limitations and factory settings of your phone so as not to ruin its performance. Most importantly, when having fun with your phone alone or with friends, remember to make it healthy and constructive.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.