Some of the funniest IT / Programmer Jokes Ever

First off I have been blasting out posts today and most of them are what I would call “Consumerism” posts, where I am trying to make a little money with my blog.  I do try to add my own opinion and flavor to each and every one of my reviews, and actually bring my own life experiences into it to make them more interesting and better than a typical advertisement, I even inject enough information about myself and my own life that if people are curious they can garner extra information from my Consumerism posts.

So I did my last assignment from PayU2Blog today and decided to end my day with my last post for today.  This post is about some funny comics and jokes about Information Technology people and Programmers.

A coworker of mine sent me a link to Stack Overflow and a list of favorite programmer cartoons.  I just about rolled over and fell back in my chair in reading some of these.  Man I really am an IT Geek if I can actually understand some of these and find them funny.  To many of these are very good, I have extracted some of my favorite ones and showed the images below.

These are some of my favorite IT / Programming Cartoons Ever:
Agile Programming

Balmer Peak


Compiling Joke

Token Ring

You can catch more as I took them from Stack Overflow “What is your favorite programmer cartoon”.

Do my readers find these as funny as I do?

-Dragon Blogger

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