Review of Heroes Season 3 Episode 6 – Dying of the Light

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I can’t even begin to say how incredible this episode was. I was amazed, awed and the cliff hanger at the end left me in such shock and dying to know what comes next week. Once again this review is not in time event order but more of a character progress update and overall flow of the episode. So much has happened in a single episode I do wish the show would spend a little more time focusing on each character and their plot instead of jumping character to character so much every 5 minutes.

My major disappointment from last episode was “How can Hiro stab Ando?” and this episode explains it perfectly. We see Hiro when asked to kill Ando, he freezes time gets a fake sword and fake blood, teleports back in time to rig Ando up and let him know to play along and goes back to his present time. He then impales Ando with the fake blade and stages a very realistic killing of his best friend. Daphne is mortified and never expected Hiro to do it, she actually is disappointed that he did carry it out and she “Thought he was a good guy”. Ando jumps up after holding his breath and the two of them joke and you can see much of the friendship between them is restored. They teleport off to Africa where Hiro was assigned by Pinehearst to bring back an African Visionary. My favorite line is when Hiro arrives in Africa and says “African Isaak?” joking to him as an African Isaac Mendez.

Daphne being the messenger that she is delivers PineHearst Company cards which is a company that does biotech research to many villains. She free’s Flint from Level 5 and offers Sylar to come with her, Sylar rebels and doesn’t want to be evil. Daphne escapes just in time from Sylar but leaves him the company card.

Claire and her mother Sandra realize that Meredith must be in trouble and go together to try and find Eric Doyle. They arrive at Eric Doyle’s residence/business and are too obvious and get caught. Eric Doyle is a puppet master and can take physical control over other people’s bodies and actions. He has the three women sit at a table playing Russian roulette, when Sandra’s turn comes with the gun Claire tells her to shoot. Sandra unloads the gun into Claire expending the two empty chambers before firing the real bullet. Eric is shocked and doesn’t know Claire has powers, as his attention is turned Claire knocks him on the head from behind and he falls unconscious. Some people deserve not to be locked up alive, Meredith should have burned Eric Doyle to ash in my opinion. Especially that Daphne can go in an out of Level 5 at will with her speed freeing prisoners. Later Noah comes in to help clean up the mess and both mothers point out how helpful Claire was and he beams with pride at her ability. She still very much upset with her father blows him off and leaves.

Sylar free’s Peter where he was kept sedated and Peter starts to lose control of himself again. Sylar explains their mother is in trouble and they go to see her. She is immobilized in a bed and Sylar asks Peter to look into her head. He does and is mostly blocked but is able to garner one symbol. The symbol from Pinehearsts card. Sylar wants to go with Peter to the Company but Peter fights Sylar angry that he calls their shared mother just that, he defeats Sylar and puts Sylar on the table for sedation leaving him there.

Matt Parkman arrives at the airport asking his “Tortoise” how he will find Daphne, only to find her waiting there for him. She invites him to join the company and he explains to her some of the reason he is looking for her. She is taken aback by how much he knew and she invites him to wait for her while she completes other assignments. After she finishes the other deliveries she arrives back with Matt very late in the day and she asks him not to join the company that he “Wouldn’t fit in” you can see already that she knows he has a good heart and she isn’t as evil as we first would have thought. Matt offers to protect her, informs her that Pinehearst gets her killed in the future and inquires what the company has over her, but she dodges these questions and tells him she has to “keep on moving” so nobody can catch her.

Knox meanwhile brings Adam Monroe to Arthur Petrelli where we see Adam very quickly gets terrified and begs Arthur to let him “Help Him” Arthur reaches out and grabs Adam, and drains away his regeneration power. Since Adam’s body is over 400 years old it instantly decays and rots to dust, since the regeneration power was the only thing keeping him alive.

Arthur then rips out the tube in his neck and declares how good it is to be able to talk again. Arthur appears to be able to steal others powers for himself not temporarily but permanently by touching them. We don’t know if he can return them yet, so his ability is similar to Peter’s except more powerful. Peter absorbs and can use anyones ability he is next to, but can’t actually take someone’s powers away.

Nathan and Tracy arrive at Mohinders lab to try and determine more about their abilities and how to remove them, Mohinder explains he is trying to create them and instead of helping drugs both Tracy and Mohinder and straps them to some lab tables. Daphne arrives at Mohinder’s lab a short time later to invite him to join the company and she discovers what Mohinder is up to. She declares “He is just as bad as the rest of them” and quickly escapes before Mohinder can catch her.

Hiro and Ando in africa try to outsmart the “Precog” and some very funny scenes as Hiro first witnesses a painting showing him being hit over the head with a shovel, he awakes later and Ando asks him to go back in time and catch the Precog. Hiro does only to discover the precog forsaw this action and raps him over the head again. Hiro and Ando decide to play old school stakeout and when they finally catch up to African Isaak, he points out they can deliver him to the villains, or go get them directly. The visionary shows them the painting of the 4 villains directly and says the choice is theirs.

Peter Petrelli arrives at Pinehearst just after Arthur Petrelli welcomes Flint, Knox, Daphne, and Maury Parkman. Peter is surprised to see his father and his father comes over and embraces him, Peter’s powers are siphoned out by his father and Peter is unable to throw lightning. Arthur now explains he has stolen Peter’s powers and he is helpless. He declares himself unstoppable now and truly he now is the most monstrous of all villains.

Not only can he now steal powers by touch, he can gain abilities just by being next to someone, and he now has Sylar’s understanding ability. Arthur Petrelli pretty much has every super power imaginable at this point, and can gain them just by being around another hero.

This sums up the episode pretty much, I must say I think the show is incredible but is going a bit too far and too much with making more and more powerful villains. The should have staggered the powers out more, made it more about the capture of each villain, less about “Super Plots, Super Destruction, and Super Beings” Seriously, how are they going to invent a more powerful being now, they are going to climax the show so quickly they won’t be able to come up with anything better pretty soon.

However it is still incredible thus far, and there have been many surprises that I found done very well and one of these was explaining how Hiro killed Ando. The other was explaining how Nathan and Daphne saw “Mr. Linderman”.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.