Futuristic Mobility Scooters

In the United States according to the 2017 Census Bureau there were 56.7 million disabled people, and of that group 15.7 million people disabled were 65 or older with at least 1 disability.  What is also a higher figure is that there is a significant number of people who have some form of physical disability and are not in a care facility or do not have assistance most of the time.  Some of this is due to simply wanting to be independent as long as possible the rest is due to other factors.  For those who want to main independence technology still remains a key aspect of being able to provide one with the ability to get around and perform day to day activities with limited support.

Scooters, Walkers and other devices that aid in mobility are particularly making huge strides in innovation to become faster, safer as well as easier to get in and out of.  Personally I think the Toyota i-Swing looks fantastic as a high end mobility unit.  A mobility unit needs to have an easy ability to control, steer as well as a very long a battery life and backup battery to avoid getting stranded if you are riding it out.  Here is an infographic on some of the futuristic mobility scooters which are almost upon us.


Future Of Mobility Scooters
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