Gary’s Mod Article #2 – Stop It Slender!

Welcome to the first article based on a Gary’s Mod Game mode! Stop it slender is a game mode for Gary’s Mod. The game mode features multiple players playing together to collect letters which are scattered around the map in various places. Players will have to use their torchlight, instinct, wits and vision to search around dark places to collect them as they are hidden in obscure places deliberately places to be missed by players, especially when a Slenderman is hunting you, like all gamemodes when you join the game, the map and all content will download straight away for you without any hassle.


Much like the original game, you have a certain amount of time to avoid being caught by Slenderman and to collect the letters before anything happens to you however the major difference is the fact you can play it multiplayer with your friends or complete strangers. After a certain period the flashlight will temporarily black out for a period of time and will come back on later, at the moment in time you are vulnerable to a Slender attack which is why it is important to stay with a group of players to cover you with their flashlight while yours is out. I personally recommend the user crouches and stays crouched while the flashlight is off to avoid detection.


After the round ends there is a chance that you may become the slender man, on a hunt to paralyze the humans and to stop anyone from collecting all the pages. While it is very hard to collect all the pages the best way is to get a group of friends to lure the slender towards them and keep it away from you while you collect all the notes. If you want to see some gameplay you can check the video out below!

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